Texas legislators condemn Gov. Abbott following mass shooting at mall | USA TODAY

Rep. Gene Wu said "there is no safe place in America anymore" as legislators condemn Gov. Greg Abbott following shopping mall shooting in Allen, TX.

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  1. Mohammed Abbott… “Uteruses! School books!! Walls!.. those are the real problems!!”.. uteruses.. walls.. books!! “

    1. See what another term Texas folks love them some hot wheels abbot and let’s not forget ole teddy boy .They vote for them every chance they can.

    1. Take away the tool and all you have left is a harmless angry tool. That vegas shooter would’ve had to be the world’s greatest with throwing stars.

  2. The party of race riots and criminal coddling is never going to be taken seriously by the other side in discussions about giving up any of our guns. Sorry but that’s just a fact. Both sides consider each other enemies, now, not political opponents. And for good reason. We should just break up already. The idea that we are one nation is absolutely laughable.

    1. @Ryan Smith Race is NOT a persons skin color. Did the news dumb you down? Or is that a self inflicted dumbing down done by you?

  3. “There is no safe place in America anymore.”

    Anymore? Was it ever safe? And safe for whom?

    1. The gun free zone at this mall I heard drew this murderer to this mall. Maybe the Congress can make another law indicating murder is illegal. That way there will be no more mass shootings. Right?🤣

  4. Id like to know if the gun was purchased legally or illegally and if the gunman was documented or not. The important questions.

    1. The shooter Garcia used to be a security guard and attended some firearm training and did not have a record so chances are he was here legally. The last Texas mass murderer was here illegally and had been kicked out of the USA 4 times. They have not released info on the guns yet so that tells me he purchased them legally passing the background check. It does not fit the Democrat Narrative so that info I am sure is being manipulated. FYI The shooter, Garcia, was booted out of the Army for mental health issues. Not sure if he would have to lie on ATF Form 4473 to get a gun?

  5. If you or a loved one has been hurt or die by false claim that US border is OPEN. Loved one harm or killed crossing border. You may to be entitled to financial compensation from Greg Abbutt & Texas. ALL knowingly made those false claims.

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