Biden races back to Washington for debt ceiling talks

President Joe Biden returned early from a trip to Asia to restart negotiations with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican. The clock is ticking down to a US default, but it’s not entirely clear when the US will officially run out of cash. It’s also not clear what a potential deal to avert a first-ever default will look like. #CNN #News


  1. Lets go, Brandon. JB doesn’t race any where. 😂 Except maybe to the ice cream shoppe. I thought you said “no negotiations on the budget ceiling?”

  2. So exciting… Can’t wait for the outcome. Such a difficult bet… Who else expects that the debt ceiling will be raised (again)?

    1. so exciting, what a great achievement this deal will be, oh wow grab the popcorn, can’t wait to celebrate this impossible feat.
      tldr: stop wasting taxpayer money on ridiculous votes this isn’t mcarthy’s 15 vote circus.

    2. Perhaps he should have never left in the first place. Perhaps we shouldn’t have sent Ukraine billions upon billions when we were in a recession.. No no no, this is all Joey’s fault and America holds him responsible.. Trump 2024🙌

    3. @Georgie You complain about a few billion when Trump gave TRILLIONs to the richest billionaires??? Also helping ukraine is honoring your side of the agreement from the deal to disarm their nukes, if anything you should be helping fight the war yourself.

  3. Back in the old days of YT, THUMBS DOWN numbers were a telling statement of the publics thoughts.

    1. Now they hide comments count. Some show the comments count while most hide the count number until you go and poat a comment.

  4. “Biden races back to Washington for debt ceiling talks”
    The Durham Reports proves he’s not potus.

    1. @Victoria Campos I liked having a GDP nearing 4%…What’s the current GDP now? 1.5%…And you think Trump is the clown?

    1. Yep this proved enough that he do not care about Americans but his 10% money. Whole democrats are same.

  5. If the credit card is maxed out, it’s maxed out. You may want to eat out tonight and buy drinks, but the credit card is maxed out. The argument of Joe Biden and the democrats basically boils down to, “we were expecting to eat out tonight, and to drink at our favorite bar, and so therefore, Visa should increase our credit limit..” It’s a pretty weak argument.

    1. Exactly, everybody seems to think we can just print our way out, it’s going to get to a point where we can’t even pay the interest and then we will be the next Greece or Sri Lanka.

  6. Joe had his smartphone in his hand when he got off the plane. I can’t help but be surprised that he can operate a smartphone. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  7. Just so happy he got back on the RIGHT plane. haha We don’t want him to catch the wrong flight back

  8. It will prove to have been a great strategic error for the President to have cut short his foreign trip in this way. Leaders from all island nations in the Pacific have gathered in Port Moresby for an historic first visit of any US president to this region. China’s Xi did so 5 yrs ago.

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