GOP Sen: Trump can’t win 2024 general election

Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy tells CNN's Jake Tapper that former President Donald Trump can't win the swing states it will take to win the presidency in 2024. #CNN #News


    1. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people🤣🤣🤣💀

    1. ​@GonnaCrySnowflake5 This sad, anti-social, touch-starved man joined 5 days ago just to troll

  1. “…Republicans are reasonable enough” 😂 I’ve heard enough gaslighting for the day

    1. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,then it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people🤣🤣🤣💀

    2. ​@Vinn Cubus you’re right…. he’s probably operating out of a dungeon in Russia or China!😂

  2. Leadership would be what the president actually did in refusing to be extorted on paying Republican debts from the last Presidency.

    1. They don’t want Trump because they know he is going to limit terms, they’re afraid of that.
      I agree, we shouldn’t be making too big of changes, if possible, however I don’t believe that he isn’t electable.

    2. And I do believe they should term limit Congress… But not right now, after… When the younger generations begin pouring in new laws should be adopted to limit their terms.
      Right now they’re too busy getting the house in order it’s not the right time.

  3. Since the 1% own 1/2 the GDP (some $38 trillion), but nearly 100% of economic activity is generated by everyone else (the other 99%), then the simple solution is to raise taxes on the top 1% of wage earners. Even a modest increase will greatly increase revenues and pay down the deficit.

    1. Yes, we do need to repeal the Trump tax cuts to the wealthy and close loopholes and tax shelters. We need to fund the IRS, so they can go after tax cheats (over $400k). We also need to get the money out of politics: lobbyists, PACs, large corporate donors, the Federalist Society, any entity that has overblown influence on things that should be decided by We the People.

  4. Congress continues to control spending. They spent those monies. The 14th Amendment says those expenditures will be paid no matter what. New expenditures are a separate matter.

  5. The debt ceiling is not about spending, it is about that which is already spent, and 40% of the debt to this point has been caused by the previous administration.

    1. @Marc Satinover So we should just add more to the pile because the last guy did ? That’s a great logic no wonder we get so much done

    2. @Jerome Bixby You must have thought it was alright to add to the national debt 3x’s during Dtrump’s term.

  6. A default would not affect anyone in either the House or the Senate. They will still be paid! The rest of get to eat cake. As for Cassidy, everything falling out of his mouth is a lie.

  7. Imagine that both parties agree that there should be a tzunami warning system in place so people can flee to a higher ground in case of tzunami. Now imagine that one party says: Sure, there is an obvious need for that, but we’ll agree to that only if you agree to spending less money for food stamps. Huh?

    1. You can’t cut food stamps but you can certainly grow your own crops or have the government grow the food for the food stamps and supermarkets products… Or take over the companies that do… There’s always a way but they all have to agree it’s obvious the money isn’t there either. It’s obvious you can’t cut food.

    2. I doubt the GOP would agree that there should be that kind of warning in the first place; it sounds too reasonable and humane. Plus, they’d disagree just so they could block ‘the Libs’ from winning. (I get your point though.)

  8. “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” 1984

  9. Amendment 14 section 4. The validity of the public debt authorized by law shall not be questioned. Even having “negotiations” about the debt is a violation of the 14th amendment. Because it’s questioning the public debt authorized by law. A thing that shall not be questioned.

  10. There were so many falsehoods, partial truths, false equivalencies in this interview it was painful to watch. The GOP actually thinks the public is stupid.

  11. “the president just need to step up”
    There is an entire meme of him not being able to step up 😂

  12. ” I can’t help but think that people today would be much happier if they listened to 70s music more often.” – Linus Van Pelt

  13. As political discussions and speculations continue, it’s crucial to engage in open and respectful dialogue, allowing for diverse viewpoints to be heard and considered. Only time will tell how the political landscape will unfold, and it’s up to the voters to decide the outcome of the 2024 general election.

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