Biden To Address End Of War In Afghanistan Amid Criticism

The Washington Post's David Ignatius discusses what he expects President Biden to say to the nation after the final U.S. troops leave Afghanistan. 

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Biden To Address End Of War In Afghanistan Amid Criticism


  1. Look at Lance Wallnau and what the Afghanistan people are being put in our many bases that are not vetted therfore who are they with no documentation.

    1. @Frak Master 69 Master How do you know they don’t have documentation? Do you think they just picked up masses of Afghans off the street? At the least they would have to have a passport.

  2. Why do we have to listen to people assume what he’s going to say when we only have to listen to the speech and make our own decisions.

    1. Their job is to manufacture consent. They need to craft a narrative so the thoughtless will hear the spin the media wants them to

  3. as a kid soon after the war of terror start i heard a guy on tv say that we did want to start a long costly war we couldnt win. at that exact moment i assumed that was exactly what we were going to do.

    1. We didn’t start anything, they knocked down the wtc and killed thousands. We had to go ver there snd we will most likely have to go back for the same reason.

    2. @Kevin Turner they didnt attack us on sept 11th. we were attack buy our alley and business partners in Saudi Arabia. 911 was clearly an inside job. Just look at building 7 fall at free fall speeds. it was clearly a controlled demolition

  4. “We gotta help all the black kids find a Walgreens, or, or…or teach them how to use the internet, these kids can be just as smart as ICE CREAM, I mean, rich kids.” President Biden

    1. @jonathan sernholt Trump Trump Trump… is that the reason your life is probably a complete failure? Kind of like Bidens administration..

    1. To everyone that still thinks it’s Trump’s fault. Biden renegotiated everything else Trump put in place. Oh, and it’s August, Trumps been out for 8 months. Idiots

    2. I think it’s crazy how obsessed people are with Trump whether they hate him I love him every problem that arises is his fault. Like dude He’s not the president this is all on him he botched trumps deal and turned it into a disaster and created new terrorist.

    3. @John Q. It is not Trump’s fault that Biden is fulfilling his promise to end a twenty year war. But when half of Afghanistan is controlled by the Taliban because of the previous administration, it does tie the hands of the current administration. Biden is owning this.

  5. Why doesn’t he take questions? His brain is missing, VP nowhere to be found, Speaker of the House in her ice cream freezer
    Where are our Leaders?

  6. Let’s not talk about the $80 billion in military equipment you gave terrorist and the thousands still left Behind including military dogs US citizens and US allies.

  7. This fiasco is on Bush (the second one, the painter) and Obama (the surge, look at me- famous people are my friends!). I desperately wanted Sanders to be president but I’m happy joe ended this thing. This war ended like it started. Innocent people murdered by US air strikes. It’s always been a terrible, bullying war of choice

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