U.S. Wraps Military Operation, Diplomats Depart Afghanistan After War

After the U.S. concludes it's military operation in Afghanistan after 20 years, Andrea Mitchell is joined by Jeremy Bash, Michael Leiter, and Peter Baker to discuss what happens next for the intelligence community, counterterrorism, diplomacy, and evacuating the remaining Americans and Afghan allies looking to flee the country under Taliban rule.

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U.S. Wraps Military Operation, Diplomats Depart Afghanistan After War


  1. Americans can look after their own at home but are ready to spend sooooooo much in controlling other country??? Try now to mind your business. Especially the GOPs

    1. It was Trump who campaigned on not getting involved in other countries business , wasn’t he part of the GOP ?

  2. Afghans trade sides. They are tribal, clannish. This week they are part of one group. Next week they are part of another group. The U.S. simply cannot trust a word any of them say. We are in this position internationally because we think Afghans think like us. They don’t.

    1. And they can trust the USA, can’t they? Its all disgusting, the good people dies, the sharks are swimming

  3. Well that’s over.
    Now we have to rebuild infrastructure and end the Pandemic in the US with Republicans fearing little demons may be in the Vaccine.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis IKR….when has that place ever been *stable* ?

      Joe Biden just happened to have the misfortune of being the one to finally pull the plug. If Trump had done it, something similar would have happened too.

      These people like chaos. Leave them alone, I say.

      And don’t accept their “refugee” either ….last thing we need is Taliban spies entering other countries under the guise of “refugees”

      If the Afghanistan ppl want change…let them change the country themselves

    2. @Veemon thats what I was saying,” it was never stable”. Exactly, no matter who was president I believe the out come would still be the same.
      I do accept the refugees who helped us over there.
      I agree we can’t change them,we offered help and we see how it turned out.

    3. @Daniel Dos Santos
      There are still Westerners there, but the Taliban doesn’t want to drag the West back in and they’ve got billions and billions in deals with China. They looking at becoming a rich Islamic Central Asian Nation.

  4. John Yost is a 1 month old troll who doesn’t know how a planned military withdrawal works. We don’t leave equipment or vehicles behind in workable condition. We destroy almost everything, no planes, helicopters, tanks, radar installations are left in usable condition. Only stupid people would do that and the military isn’t stupid. All big guns are destroyed on site. There are vehicles and small arms that are left, but that’s about it.

    1. awang belantara some people decided to stay behind that is on them, some couldn’t make it to Kabul because they were elsewhere, where our troops were already removed by trump.

  5. I’m wondering about the Canadian and Afghan/American flags on the 4th one from the left. I can see the US offering as an agent for Canada, consular service for Canada but no Brits? I’m interested to know. Could someone or MSNBC explain that detail. As a Canadian I’m interested to know. 5:25 minutes

  6. These people are not American citizens their Afghan Interpreters that helped the Americans They are not American citizens so stop confusing that with your reportingThe Americans left Afghanistan a long time ago ,stick to the facts

  7. Let’s face it Republicans are trying to distract from the infrastructure bill from being passed ,we all know it we’re not stupid

  8. Should have started removing people last February and processing those who worked for US forces before closing the airbase.

  9. The thing I like best- The overthrow happened so fast the legacy media couldn’t work out a cohesive story to blame Trump. The “intelligence community” and Milley screwed this up. Both Dotards got their info from them… Pray for the Afghan people

  10. Why wouldn’t you want to get out of a place over-run by boys playing deadly wargames just to appease their own testosterone driven egos steeped in distorted cultural, religious views.

  11. About time, we had em at Tora Bora, surrounded on three sides. Dam the leaders of this country are dumb.

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