Mike Richards Out As ‘Jeopardy!’ Executive Producer

Mike Richards will no longer serve as executive producer of the "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel of Fortune" game show franchises. The producer has drawn intense scrutiny for his past comments about women, Jewish people and poor people.

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Mike Richards Out As 'Jeopardy!' Executive Producer


  1. Alex Trebek left a legacy on jeopardy, we know jeopardy will never be the same.

    1. Totally, those a some tough shoes to fill-Mikes Richards throwing his hat in the ring was career suicide

    1. Joke is on you because they will still pay the remainder of his contract. He will sit on his couch making 1M a year doing nothing because of cancel culture. Who has the last laugh now?

    2. @Timothy Springer If Richard had been allowed to stay , the show would have completely tanked . There is a lot of money at stake . He looks bad because of his history ,
      but , also , the fact that he seemed to be giving himself the hosting job . The payout is nothing in comparison .

  2. After he quit being host, they hoped things would calm down Meaning, they were just as clueless as when they let him be host.

    1. @jerry kowalski: Bigoted comments, primarily about Jews & women. Are you defending that kind of rhetoric? Do you think that there is nothing wrong with it?

    2. The problem is that we have too many Karens (and Kens?) in the U.S. It should’ve been enough after he stepped down from being host. But nope, the Karens and Kens kept on complaining and complaining.

    3. @3a4t: So, you think that there is nothing wrong with his behavior & bigoted rhetoric… He should’ve just been allowed to slide, right?

      After all, it’s not like he is non-white; his bigotry is okay, isn’t it?!

    4. @MorpheusΩne Wasn’t all of his controversial speeches a few years ago? dsWhen are we going to allow people to apologize, learn from the past mistakes, grow as a person and move on ? Some people are automatically deemed as “public enemy #1”, and the public won’t stop at anything until they destroy that person’s life.

    5. @3A4T 10 His own decision to make himself the host , was what got this all stirred up . As long as he was ” executive producer” nobody was paying much attention to him.

  3. Was pretty shady how he got the job in the first place! Should have just picked a new host without all the hoopla and he’d still have a job!

  4. Andrea here’s what happened to Mike Richards his podcast and a string of controversies costing his job and his racial remarks is inappropriate and disrespectful Jeopardy is running out of options

  5. Dr Oz named his own charity as the beneficiary for his income on Jeopardy. What a sleaze ball. Totally unashamed .

    1. @Smoove J Ah okay , gotcha– like the Clinton Foundation . I haven’t heard that about the Dr. Oz charity so far

  6. We as family watched this a a kid way back in the day when tv went off, it never be the same!!! ❤️ rip Alex

  7. Well, I think he did this too himself. This whole process was set up for him to take over Alex”s job without looking like that was what was happening. Mike Richard’s just got caught. This is called the inside job.
    We see it all the time but this was pretty blatant in its methods.

    1. In Somali language, there is a famous saying: _Wax badso wax beel ayee leedahay._

      Roughly translated as: _”Trying to get more (greedily) might cause you lose what you (already) have.”_

  8. We have higher standards for game show hosts than for Members of Congress, definitely a sign of a healthy society with its priorities in order.

    1. Sad thing is this is the one that is somewhat fix-able. The latter clearly has been shown that it is neither fix-able, nor a priority.

    2. @Delia Bravo: It depends on the context in which you ask the question and/or make the statement; but, basically, yes.

  9. Most economists expect the unemployment rate – which counts how many people are able to work and want a job, but can’t find one – to rise this year.

  10. Whoever wrote the opening for this segment should be fired. How could you make it a Q&A rather than an A&Q when making a Jeopardy reference?!

  11. Funny my parents didn’t mention it. They never miss a show. Did however say that the answers sucked. That’s probably the real reason

  12. During elementary school recess, our third- and fourth-grade teacher, Mr. Booze (yes), would sometimes let students stay inside and watch Jeopardy and Who What & Where on this little black-and-white portable television. He also encouraged us to participate, and we were surprised by the things we knew.
    If the new host is incapable of demonstrative integrity, it will fail. All those years with only two full-time hosts (yes, there were guest hosts) that generations grew up with is a testament to the show.
    Don’t let us down.

  13. Looks like the Good old boy’s club is a live and well at the “Sony” Headquarters. What a stupid decision to approve this obvious inside fix. They have successfully tarnished our beloved Jeopardy!

  14. This is what happens when you self gloss. And what I mean is your the XP and you make yourself one of the hosts. And people dig and they find ish. And now your completely gone. Thx for coming bro.

  15. Boebert and Greene would make an amusing double team as host. Best of all it would get them out meddling in politics.

  16. “Sooner or later in life, you will take your turn being in the position you once had someone else in.”
    ― Ashly Lorenzana

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