Bill Barr Made Final Call Not To Charge NYPD Cop In Eric Garner’s Death | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Protests are expected today after Attorney General Bill Barr overruled his own Civil Rights Division, deciding not to bring charges against a police officer involved in the death of an un-armed black man. MSNBC Legal Analyst Danny Cevallos and Politics Editor Jason Johnson join Stephanie Ruhle to break down what we know.
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Bill Barr Made Final Call Not To Charge NYPD Cop In Eric Garner’s Death | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


    1. I’d be willing to bet Barr has contacted Putin for advice on how to officially deal with dissidents..

    1. Mike Harper well beta male soy boy you seem to understand what I wrote so mission accomplished now go get some more of those soy products you like so much

    2. Mike Harper is that what you do all day jackwagon sit in your moms basement correcting people punctuation and grammar online sounds rewarding have you ever thought of doing something to better society like going swimming in the ocean with a tuna head necklace

  1. Why do cops have non-lethal devices like tasers, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, pepper spray, ect, yet they are NEVER, EVER USED?

    1. 😅🤣 just wait til the hoards descend on hardware stores but instead of buying tiki torches they buy nice strong, pointy pronged pitchforks! That day is coming soon. 😖😨

  2. This is disgusting. How TF is he defending this obvious racially driven decision not to bring federal charges. Had this been a white girl, the outage would be universal. Sad.

    1. This is not racial at all. This decision is blanketly applicable to everyone in this nation.

      This decision for Barr to drop this case just sent a message to everyone citizen in this country that resisting arrest is now EQUIVALENT to holding a gun to an officer.

      This is not ok.

    1. Thank you you are one in a million it takes a man to say that, some of these cops react too quickly without reasoning that needs to stop, some of these cops claim they feared for their life, then they don’t belong, some of these cops join because they hate people of color, then reform and strong vetting of mental stage is needed, some of these cops, are good and the bad one give all the force a bad name that is sad because I know there are a lot of good cops that mean well and try to help, serve and protect without looking at color race or religion, gays and even disable.

  3. …of course William Barr feels that the death penalty was properly applied for such an egregious crime as Garner’s….

    1. Thank you for being half way open minded i say half way because your a packers fan GO BEARS ☺

    2. Packer FAN – I pledge allegiance to my country and my country men, not who occupies the chair.

  4. The man was unarmed and choked to death for all to see and there is no justice for him or his family. He was committing a misdemeanor! What happened to just giving him a ticket? Police continue to abuse their authority and project their fear and bias onto particular constituencies. The police are too militarized and folks will continue to turn the other cheek so long as the victims have black and brown faces.

  5. The police used exessive forse and a man was killed. Until police are held accountable people will keep dying. And if this kind of thing is not taken seriously, people will take matters into their own hands eventually.

  6. Even with VIDEO evidence which clearly shows excessive & perhaps unnecessary force by the officers, it is incomprehensible how the authorities still try 2 Ignore & Deny the obvious fact that Eric Garner was negligently KILLED. Justice Must B Served

  7. What Barr has just done has legalized the murder of blacks, Hispanics and other minorities by police and others. You cannot call Barr anything other than a mass murderer by proxy. He is NOT an Attorney General for all citizens of the United States. He’s a fraud and needs to be prosecuted.

    1. No, he legalized MURDER as an appropriate response for resisting arrest.

      “Resisting Arrest is a Class A Misdemeanor

      If convicted of this crime, you would be guilty of a class A misdemeanor— punishable by up to one year in jail.”

      This applies to everyone of every color, race and creed.

    2. @Catherine Trammel I beg to differ. The Nuremburg Trials established guilt for any and all administration officials in the conspiracy indictment as well as the actual functionaries murder indictments. This case with your current President has already passed into the realm of the world court. Trade and defense agreements will be reviewed. There is a cost to all of this turmoil and I just wonder in awe if Trump’s supporters in government and the millions at home realize what that cost will ultimately be. You might as well sell the Statue of Liberty for scrap and use the Constitution of the United States as a match to light one of your last cigars. No good has ever come from division. Remember this: “A house divided cannot stand”

  8. Jason’s point are very much valid. Excessive force was used and a man lost his life. There must be accountability.

  9. It’s just sad 😔 bill barr is just disgusting person..policeman should be charged immediately….

  10. From behind, the cop wrapped his forearm across Garner’s neck with force, choking him, yet this is not a choke hold? It’s on video, but we should question our own eyes in a very clear video taken from just a few feet away? The gaslighter enablers of police brutality are acting like we’re looking at some grainy, unfocused video of the Loch Ness monster taken from hundreds of yards away.

  11. And ALL this was because he was selling illegal cigarettes ?!!! Sure bust him…give him a ticket/citation WHATEVER! we have people in government COMMITTING BIGGER CRIMES!!!!!!!

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