El Chapo Sentenced To Life, Addresses Court About Confinement Conditions | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

NBC News' Ron Allen reports on the scene of the sentencing of Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, convicted on nearly a dozen criminal counts, including running an enterprise of international drug trafficking.
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El Chapo Sentenced To Life, Addresses Court About Confinement Conditions | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. They already have the day El Chapo was arrested in Mexico! What a farce, nothing changes when it comes to greedy people. I want to know who was on his payroll on both sides of the border!

    2. @socal rocks Haha is that what I said dummy sure everyone knows what he done but there is a lot of corruption from the CIA so it’s far from down to 1 man. I was pointing out what came out in court so go back to your basement loser

  1. There will be multiple people to replace him and no pity of this murdering man! He doesn’t deserve to see his family.

  2. This guy has over 10 billion dollars and you think a wall will stop him or a rival’s effort to smuggle drugs into the US?

    1. adjwindu70 the wall is stupid. It literally won’t do anything, it’s not like they casually walk into the US. They have plenty of methods. Even the US Border Patrol are in it with the cartel. There’s no stopping drug flow unless people stop doing drugs (which won’t happen)

  3. Good thing they added the firearms sentencing just in case he starts killing again after he’s dead.

    1. The reason you hear things like 5 life sentence is because it make it harder for people to get out of jail if they have the chance to. So lets say for whatever reason in the future they reduce his life sentence to 30 years. Now in total he’ll have to serve 60

  4. Hooray! hooray! it’s a holi-holiday
    What a world of fun for Putin & Trump
    An explosive WW3 Today ( Iran is revealed 🖐🐷🖐 ~ ☝🤣 )

  5. haha the assassin is complaining about his life in prison? did he give a chance to talk to the people he was torturing? I’m sooooo glad he will be rotten in jail. And his wife must be so relieved to get rid of this garbage, now she can choose any young drug capo

  6. No money recovered and the drugs keep coming into the United States. How is this a victory?

    1. Duh! Its a never ending cycle, its just part of getting gathering funds for the bigger picture. If you know you know


    Super Mario has been sentenced to life in a maximum security prison.
    Over decades of stealing gold coins, stomping on the heads of his enemies and stalking Princess Peach.

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