House To Vote On Impeachment Resolution Today | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

The House of Representatives will be voting on an Rep. Al Green's (D-Texas) impeachment resolution against President Trump. NBC's Kelly O'Donnell reports from Capitol Hill.
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House To Vote On Impeachment Resolution Today | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. Held to account. I will personally ask people if the helped Russia get Weapons.I will destroy you in public

    2. Like i do day and night even Imake it a Daily goal to take about the traitor who follow that draft doger in the WH

    3. At the SF VA is my favoritevplace in the lunch room I like to see how many of you will come out in public

    4. Go ahead and do it then. Oh yeah, right. You can’t get it past the house because not all Democrats are that insane and want to lose to a landslide in 2020.

  1. Impeachment is your only hope.
    And that is NOT happening.
    Whatever you do don’t do any self evaluation.
    It’s too late.

    1. @Pete 913 Geez, we waited for 2.5 years for Mueller. It was a dud with no conspiracy, even though we were told time after time after time that he was colluding. Fake news based upon ideology.

    2. @Pete 913 Pete, Pete Pete. If you had been following Q, you would have known about Epstein a long time ago. You would also know what else was going on at Little St. James. If you are too scared to venture beyond MSNBC, you will just have to wait for the other shoes to drop. They don’t come down on President Trump. Justinformedtalk, Craig Mason, X22 Report, Serialbrain2.

  2. Pelosi supports the old ineffective style of following polling in the hopes to win, instead of inspiring through leadership to win.

    1. Kevin Duggan They only see what the media shows them and what they are told. The intelligence is completely absent and we are probably in a den of dimentia.

    2. @Kevin Duggan Always ironic for rightwingers to compare Democrats to Russian communists when Trump openly invites Russian help and interference in American democracy, Putin’s dictatorial murders and imprisonment of his opponents for pure political gain, and Republican Congressmen look the other way.
      Meanwhile, the Squad of 4 fight for American justice, Democracy and ideals that our Founding Fathers set forth.

    3. You sound like you have been watching too much Lawrence O’Donnell. Either that or Colbert. Heaven forbid not both!!

    4. Strong, passionate leadership is great. IF you have good ideas. Otherwise you’re just being lead off a cliff by a fanatic. And the far left represented by the Squad are crazy af. Cooperate with the Peloser if you want a chance in 2020. This drunkard has been around the block and knows what it takes to win re-election as least. She’s not a flash in the pan like the idealistic horsewomen are.

    1. Al Green is a weird looking guy that appears as if he would stink. It’s still inappropriate to call him an orangutan, ape or monkey

  3. Mc Connell…dont got to let this happens he is working for president.not for this country 🇱🇷

  4. ha ha ha impechement because to say the true. there no racial to tell someone if you don’t like leave.

    1. I will translate for Jimbo. It is not racist to tell somebody that if you don’t like it, you can split.

    2. It’s not racist to suggest that someone go to a country (like Somalia), fix their corrupt system, then come back and tell America how they did that. Fix it or not, I think it’s one way to appreciate more, and complain less about, the govt and conditions in America

    3. @Joe Blow 3 of the congresswomen he targeted were born americans on american soil and 2 of them have their families living in america before trump’s family. What you gonna say about that you moron?

  5. If impeachment were to take place we will surely know who to blame if the economy starts into a sudden down spiral and thousands of people go bankrupt and lose their jobs just .

  6. So how did that go for you? Looks like you goy shut down on that vote. KEEP AMERICA GREAT. Trump 2020

  7. And again, Al Green gets a big goose egg… 332-95…….lost again. Does this nut job every do his job that he was elected to do?

  8. Newcasters, that are in a position of being PROFESSIONALS IN PUBLIC SPEAKING should NOT have a LISP! If they can’t correct how they TALK they should not be talking; it is destructive to their BELIEVABILITY! Leave the President alone to finish his terms, and if he wins again, you can then SHUT UP PERMANENTLY ABOUT impeachment! I voted for NEITHER CANDIDATE, but the constant attacks against his OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY are I N S A N I T Y!

  9. What happened? Dems have control of the House and they can’t even get enough votes to IMPEACH!?

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