1. @1madmaxx80 if you made over 5 thousand that year you were eligible so why go after students? They are our future

  1. Pby lots of companies that did not need the CEWS nevertheless qualified for it due to very shoddy rules. They did NOT CHEAT to get it. Revenue drop needed not to be due to covid, could be any other external factors.

  2. When can all canadains start talking about holding the liberals accountable for their wasteful spending and sending billions of dollars overseas while canadains are suffering.

  3. That’s odd. Both my wife and I followed all the rules, were eligible for cerb and needed it. Then shock, both had to pay it back. So to say all of the individuals and companies that weren’t eligible won’t have to pay it back is absolutely insane.

  4. No fking kidding.
    I know folks with cars worth more than my house got cheques. And still collect GST and baby cheques. Write off their foreign vacations as business write off.
    The whole corrupt tax system has to change. What I see is sickening ashalf of Canada can’t afford proper food anymore.

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