Pierre Poilievre calls out federal government for wasting $4.6 billion in COVID relief

CPC leader Poilievre calls out the feds for mismanaging billions of dollars in COVID relief funding, with billions more being investigated.

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    1. @Joss do you think it’s acceptable to spend 6,000$ a night on a hotel when in one month 1.5 million Canadians were forced to use a food bank because of the wasteful spending of a government that thinks budgets balance themselves?

    2. @potolishis You do realize he is the PM of Canada. The reason it is so expensive is that he needs to be protected for security reasons.

    3. @Joss then please show me another pm that has spent 6,000$ a night on a single hotel room. Also that 6,000$ did not include security.

    4. @potolishis  Still, 6000 dollars is not even that bad. Your acting like he spent half of Canada’s GDP. Also, I don’t look into any of the PM’s spending past and present.

    1. @Private Confidential Not respecting the economy does that too. Raising payroll taxes and carbon taxes during a high inflationary period is not a smart move. Trudeau should have taken a more balanced spending approach but he didn’t and now we all have to deal with record high inflation. We should expect big government cuts to get out of this mess. Small concessions and service cuts would have sucked but we wouldn’t have to do the major ones we will be faced with.

    2. @Private Confidential thanks to the liberals Canadians can’t afford to buy food or afford to buy a house. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t think about monetary policy

    3. @Herb Wiseman  I am not so sure about that. If you rapidy increase money supply and don’t base it I something tangible it does immediately devalue currency. Now business for sure played a part by capitalizing on the increase price to increase margin.

  1. I’m surprised he didn’t mention about the bill of them letting out prisoners as well isn’t that a coincidence 🤔.

  2. Excellent speech as always from Pierre call out Weston that Crook and all his crooked friends doing the same thing to taxpayers and consumers

  3. When can all canadains start talking about holding the liberals accountable for their wasteful spending and sending billions of dollars overseas while canadains are suffering.

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