Buffalo supermarket mass shooter Payton Gendron sentenced to life in prison | What you need to know

CTV's Joy Malbon recaps emotional reactions seen during the sentencing of Payton Gendron– the Buffalo supermarket mass shooter.

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  1. Why did they stop the family members from delivering justice swiftly and appropriately? This would only have taken that gentleman a few moments’s work, and then the state of New York would be relieved of its obligation to feed and house Gendron. This could have saved the taxpayer millions.

    1. @Baloo Uriza A civilized society would recognize fascism as a cancer to be cut out of the body politic before it has the opportunity to destroy our civilization.

    2. @Chat GPT It does. We’re also stuck with voting happening on a working Tuesday with efforts made to discourage vote by mail because Republicans are fascist and Republicans know the only way for them to get elected is make sure only the unemployable can vote.

    3. No you don’t, mass shootings do not occur in a civilized society, there is no racism in a civilized society. You are trying to become civilized, unfortunately, you have a looooooong way to go.

  2. Are we gonna talk about high crime rates in cities or just the Mass Shooters who happen to be lighter skin?

    1. Per hectare or by population frequency? Because if you go by area, yeah, cities have more crime. If you go by population frequency, places outside city limits have a higher proportion of criminals.

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