Can the feds afford more cost of living supports for Canadians? | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

Former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge discusses if the federal government can afford more cost of living supports for Canadians.

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  1. Dark days ahead. What’s a useless suggestion “tax the wealthy to provide support at the bottom”. 40BN in bankers fees every year Canadians have to pay to pay for the “support for Canadians”. Just leave the money in people’s pay checks.

  2. 34 cents of every litre of gas is taxes. 13% of everything we buy is taxes. Before we see our paycheque hundreds of dollars are removed in taxes. We don’t need help because of inflation, we need help because the government takes all our money. Conservative or Liberal, it has made no difference.

  3. No to tax and no to providing relief money as this is not really free money…investing to generate business and employment is the way to go

  4. I know what they can’t afford, and that is civil unrest if the cost of living continues to trend in a terrible direction.

    Not sure what the best approach is, but this is a real consideration.

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