Why was David Johnston chosen as special rapporteur? | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino discusses why David Johnston will serve as special rapporteur on foreign election interference.

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  1. David Johnston appointed “special rapporteur” by Justin Trudeau. “It was during his time in that role that he (Johnston) became acquainted with Pierre and Margaret Trudeau, as the Johnston children played with the Trudeau children when the families were at their adjacent🤣🇨🇳

    1. He was also part of the same government with Pierre and appointed by the last conservative prime minister

    2. @ryan radcliffe and a part of the Trudeau foundation… Seems the place to get all “nonpartisan judges😉”

  2. I’m still waiting for the catch. Based on how Trudeau has tried to sweep this under the rug, I am very skeptical of his honesty or integrity.

    1. @ryan radcliffe can’t post links on YouTube but you have already looked it up yourself and know it’s the truth

    2. @Spectacular Disaster lol so because YouTube doesn’t let you post links you think the information doesn’t exist?

      Anyone can look it up themselves, including you. Go ahead look it up, I’ll await your apology

  3. Mr. Johnston was my principal at McGill University. He is an above-board, honest, and bright person – the complete opposite of our present PM. Hopefully, Mr. Johnston can make our PM see the light and recommend a public inquiry, but I greatly doubt it.

  4. All Trudeau needs from Mr. Johnson is for him to say, “A public inquiry is not warranted or recommended” and there have probably been enough preliminary discussions to know that is the direction that will be taken.

  5. “We have investigated ourselves and found WE did nothing wrong. The error is in the criteria that our intelligence services used to determine what qualifies as interference. Therefore we have taken this responsibility away from these intelligence services and are rewriting what qualifies as interference to better align with our standards”
    No need for any inquiry

  6. Mendicino is a big bag of hot air… never answers a question …. Looks like they appointed Johnson without “consulting” the other parties as they had promised.

  7. Because of his tight personal connection to the Trudeau Family , no different then The EA commissioner Roleau.

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