Canada adds right-wing extremist groups to terrorist watch list

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announces that two right-wing groups will be added to the national list of terrorist organizations in response to the Christchurch Call to Action.

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    1. CONservatives are the criminals of society.
      As the science behind the political brain shows.

      A larger more active amygdala and smaller less active anterior cingulate cortex section of the brain makes CONservatives AMORAL and stupid.
      So stupid they become wilfully ignorant.

      Google CONservative VS liberal brain.

  1. It starts like a public service and the next thing you know … you are having your speech removed from the public square. I do not trust Trudeau nor do I trust Goodale.

    1. td603 td603 Nazis we’re wiped out in 1945 they are old news ,when was the last time you saw anyone walking down the street dressed as a Nazi ?
      99.99% of all terror attacks in the world are committed by Sunni Muslims driven by their hate speech book.
      WAKE UP

  2. It’s only hate speech if it against the left? Make sure you don’t do something that hurts someone’s feeling. Daddy government will come after you.

    1. CONservatives with their oversized and over active amygdala are snowflakes by nature .
      As the science clearly shows.

      Google CONservative VS liberal brain.

  3. Uh, and how about aсtual tеrrorists? Are thеy added to tеrrorist watсh lists, or do they get an audience with the Prime Minister?

    1. Terrorism has been knocked down to a summary offence (I’m not kidding, the Liberals have changed a bunch of laws)

  4. Why cause we won’t vote liberal and you call us racist, your out in October old man go back to Saskatchewan

  5. Remember that Trudeau is ok with ISIS fighters returning to Canada and even getting millions of dollars in payouts avoiding trials. Isis is ok but forget about that the real problem is right wingers! Or anyone against the tyranny of these progressive liberals! Wow out of control!!

    1. @Trevor Pickersgill well sounds like we will have to break the speech laws until arrested; then claim habeas corpus for purpose of judicial review. My previous statement may only work in Canada.

  6. What happens it they are caught and brought to justice? Is Trudeau going to have he/she released and given 10million $?

  7. The only toxic narrative I’m hearing is coming the left to create a bogey man out of anyone that disagrees with there decisive policy’s

  8. you never stand up for all the Real Canadians getting run over by Trucks 🚚 🚛 from people you let in ,  let me tell you a secret “we the real people ” shall never surrender Canada 🇨🇦

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