Jagmeet Singh: Canada “can’t afford” to ignore universal pharmacare

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh outlines some of his party's platforms, and looks back on the past year's success and stumbles.

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  1. NDP will keep carbon tax.
    tell me when throwing money at the sun ever helped…
    just another way to rob you of the fruits of your labour.

    1. The NDP and liberals absolutely screwed Alberta. This dude would take over where trudick left off. Alberta pulled their heads out of their butts now the rest of Canada needs to do the same in October…

  2. Pretty sure it’s the other way around, pal. Canada can’t afford it which is why it is not in place. Yay! More welfare cases to come!!

  3. He seems like another nice socialist/communist leader. Common sense isn’t so common. He will destroy our economy

  4. So many Canadians cant find a place to live, so I guess no more refugees, and raise taxes to unaffordable rates.

  5. More “free give aways” to buy votes and then the wealthy, corporations and investors will pay for it all! So simple! What happens when the wealthy and corporations just pick up and leave Canada,which is their right. You,the middle class and unemployed will have to pickup the tab!!

  6. I wonder how much lobby money they took too pass laws to mandate tax payers pay for drug companies “medicine”

  7. I posted: So the NDP has proposed a series of large, costly and centralized plans to fix most everything under the sun but the admitted costs won’t be borne by anyone listening to this video which, by the way, doesn’t have any corroborating links or supporting citations.

    And yet NDP leader Jagmeet Singh expects that this platform will help raise the NDP support somewhere to the point where he is considered a credible competitor in the upcoming elections.

    I’m not convinced that this is a credible belief. I think it might be best to consider other options.

  8. take the money from the 1% ….YEEEEEEEEEAH!!!
    what he plans to do with it is a joke though…
    i can name 100 greater investments this city and country can afford.
    im not ok with paying for people who’ve killed themselves slowly their entire lives. “CHOICES,” he says.

  9. buy back our energy rights.
    reinstate the gold standard.
    create equal funding for all candidates running for election, while,
    simultaneously removing all forms of lobbying.
    increase funding for education and create a functioning traffic scenario for a growing city as such.
    shiii, i should just run for office. you guys are asleep!

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