N.S. man builds house out of over 600,000 pop bottles

The world’s first pop bottle house is in Meteghan River, N.S., and was constructed from over 600,000 plastic bottles.

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  1. Why not go back to glass bottles with deposits instead of screwing up the environment with your leftie commie insanity

    1. No not much more flammable then wood and with addition of some minor chems even more fireproof.

  2. This is super news!! Now imagine turning 1 of those into an Earthship to REALLY dial up the sustainability game!! Amazing.

  3. Projects like are hard to make happen with all the government construction laws, and the useless inspectors that come with it.

  4. Can it be made from a drink box water bottle sort of thing? Plastics are just the worst you know.

  5. That’s like $60k in bottles. It’s more expensive than regular materials.
    Hasn’t anyone thought of, ohhh I don’t know, making new pop bottles out of the plastic?

    1. That and the energy usage and environmental impact of the recycling process it’s self has to be accounted for. Just ask China.

  6. This is why I’ve been a proponent of using recycling in our economy, we have so much of it lying around in landfills and nothing is being done with it. This has the potential to maximize the profit of real estate developers while lowering home prices at the same time. That’s a win for the company and a win for the consumer.

  7. He wonders what his kids will be seeing when they’re 25-30 years old. Answer: Tyranny. Worse than anything we’ve seen up to this point. Regardless what you make your houses out of. Because people love their servitude and are too apathetic to care what psychopaths rule them.

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