1. ​@RJ AB Well everyone needs to work together of course in the current minority government and I can agree with the guest on that one but the reporter kept trying to steer the conversation in his direction with ‘what if’ questions. If anyone other than paid MSM and their groupies said what if they would be deemed an intolerant, a bigot, a xenophobic and maybe even a racist. Usually they throw their favoured guests softball questions instead of borderline insulting their intelligence

  1. Canadians will hold all parties holding seats in the House of Commons accountabke to doing what is best for our country as a whole!! The individual parties had better work together, or they will be out in the next election. Doug Ford got the message and is playing nice now. Productiviity is needed.

    1. most Canadians have no idea what is and have been going on for the last 60 years, and they aren’t about to start now!, nice thought.

    2. Like hell they will. We just went through four years of lies, corruption, ethics violations, interference with the justice system, racism and broken promises. But Moronto and Dumtreal and the Maritimes voted the crooks back in.

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