1. @Monika Bardell President Xi will appoint a special envoy for this war to end. This is the first step in this long process. Whether it will succeed or not only the future can tell. The seed for negotiation is planted only because both sides Russia and Ukraine agree that Xi will be the middleman that both sides can trust. There is a similarity with the Iran-Saudi deal in that Russia and Ukraine have China as their largest trading partner.

  1. So he’s “besties” with Putin, and Zelensky then?! lol This segment is not what I expected because you should have left the best friend stuff out 😶

    1. @Melissa Salas Blair  if you were to listen to the leaders of around 140 countries who are collaborating on belt and road projects I think you would find they disagree.
      Unfortunately, your select media is focus on their fear and tell you something else.

  2. Communication is generally good 99% of the time. At least it seems, also it gives a concept a voice and more human feel.

  3. International affairs correspondent can’t pronounce the easiest and most famous Chinese name correctly.

  4. “We all want peace, but the conditions are not right”!! 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 Amanpour is such an US agent

  5. Zelenski wants Russia to give Crimea peninsula back and withdraw their troops out of Ukraine. This will never happen unless the US government formally recognizes Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico to be independent sovereign countries and US’s troops officially withdraw from Syria/give up their illegal ownership of Syria’s oil wells.

    1. I doubt if you know what you’re talking about but letting go of Puerto Rico is an attractive idea. We need military bases in the Pacific to counter the Chinese so unless you’re a Chinese sympathizer you’ll understand that.

    2. Try to ask citizens of those states if they’d be interested in becoming independent countries. I myself doubt so, but but I believe the Uygur would answer with a huge YES to the same question.

  6. Great! I hope this is a sign of positive things to come. I don’t care who brings about peace, as long as someone finds a way to peace. Amanpour and her views on this are really irrelevant.

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