Clip: Emily Thornberry MP Accuses Dermot Murnaghan Of Sexism After Failing To Name French Minister

The shadow foreign secretary has accused Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan of "pub quizzing" her after she was unable to name the French foreign minister. Emily Thornberry later went on to accuse Sky News of "sexism" after he asked her who the South Korean president was.

Watch the interview above and read more about the story here

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  1. No offence!! But she supposedly the Shadow Foreign Secretary…. And she
    doesn’t even know the names of her adversaries???? Pathetic!!!! All she can
    do is attempt a “Sexist” allegation. Rubbish! She should be SACKED!!!!!
    Pathetic!!! Pub quiz??? It’s her JOB!!!!!!!

  2. Pulling out the sexist card when she knows she’s had a nightmare. Nothing
    sexist about this at all… get back in the kitchen!

  3. Labour party looks like a sinking ship, quota politics what happened to the
    right person for the job, on merit

  4. Ever since her “white van man” jibe she’s obviously been proved out of
    touch with real people outside the Westminster bubble and can’t even be
    bothered to gen up on the people she is supposed to deal with in the payed
    job she has been appointed to. A typical champagne socialist who’s in it
    for herself and not for the workers.

  5. Flabby Thornbery is a complete buffoon…she is truly pathetic to play the
    sexist card and she also plays the racist card for the most ridiculous
    reasons…she is also an appeaser to vile and violent islam.

  6. The last time she was on this show , she made a fool of herself as well
    !!….totally unprepared .
    probably had too much Champagne with the comrades last night !!

  7. Dumb as a bag of hammers, and like all bluffers, can simulate an air of
    authority with ease. Short on detail and substance though.

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