Labour MP Umunna Wants Brexit Promises Kept

With high-profile Leave campaigners, including Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, setting up a new campaign to deliver Brexit, Labour's former Shadow Business Secretary, Chuka Umunna, is looking to hold them to the promises they made during the fierce campaign. Top of the list of course is the pledge to give 350 million-pounds more each week to the NHS.

The Labour MP spoke to Dermot Murnaghan.

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    1. What promises?
      They were merely illustrative, they were not made by the political
      incumbents of British government.

  1. As a Brexiter myself, did I believe everything leave said? No, but do I
    want to have anywhere between 15-80% of laws (as no one has a clue the
    exact amount, not even parliament records) being made by a group of
    unelected commissioners and presidents no one knows the name of? Most
    definitely not. Besides the EU is broken, corrupt and is all a power
    exercise. Seriously how some member states meet the supposed criteria set
    out by Brussels is laughable. as for Chuka he just epitomises everything
    people loath about most of our MP’s, particularly Labour, even under
    Corbyn. London consumed and totally ignorant to the needs of those outside
    the capital boundaries/catchment area. They think the rest of the country
    has the same way of thinking as London, when in fact London is totally
    different to everywhere else in Britain! Either these snobbish, out of
    touch establishment figures change or they will feel the wrath of this
    great country!

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