Clues suggest children survived Colombian jungle plane crash as officials race to find them

A Colombian government official said she was “very confident” four children have been found alive more than two weeks after their plane crashed in the Amazon jungle – but was awaiting further proof. CNN's Stefano Pozzebon has the details, followed by an interview with survival expert David Canterbury. #CNN #News


  1. Oh my lord, I bet this is incredibly scary for these children. 😳😳😳😳😳 Lord be with them.😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Lord could have prevented the crash in first place if he was interested or existed.
      Fellow humans are gonna have to do their best. But I certainly share your hope for their survival and quick rescue.

  2. Jungles are deceivingly hard to survive. Kids also don’t follow normal patterns of adults and can get themselves on paths that are hard to follow. Hope they get found before something else does.

    1. They are native children, from an indigenous community. Their grandfather says that they are taught to survive in the jungle.

  3. I so hope these four children are soon found. But if they are indeed indigenous children, they are probably familiar with the jungle as far as food supplies and water supplies if they are finding hair, scrunchies, plastic, baby bottles, and other things, let’s all hope. They are found alive

    1. Yes, the grandfather says that they are used to surviving in the jungle. Still it is very dangerous with so many poisonous animals, plus there is an 11 month old baby who needs milk and special care. What a horrible situation, poor children. 😱😭😢

    2. A girl who wasn’t indigenous survived and traveled for 8 days, I think, after a plane crash. She traveled with serious injuries to get to safety. These kids have a good chance.

  4. Hopefully mother nature will look out for the kids and they’ll be okay, but their ages are most concerning.

  5. Until a few years ago mainstream news would have been hesitant to interview a survival expert like David Canterbury to get his opinion, the pandemic seems to have changed how bushcrafters, survivalists and preppers are seen…

  6. There was a girl that survived a week or so on her own, with serious injuries. It’s dangerous, it’s scary, but there is a chance.

  7. those kids must be super humans or something… can you imagine survive to a plane crash and then that hostile ruthless jungle

    1. The kids ages are 13, 9, 4 & an 11month old baby. During the interview at 3:48 shows their ages. Prayers for the kiddos 🙏

  8. I believe they are going to make it the older boy must be already a good hunter and have a good knowledge about the forest 🙏

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