Feinstein’s office confirms broader health complications, contradicting senator’s denial

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office confirms that the California Democrat experienced broader health complications following her shingles diagnosis, contradicting an earlier denial from the senator herself. CNN's Manu Raju reports the latest. Then, Dr. Sanjay Gupta explains what this diagnosis means. #CNN #News


  1. This has to STOP. She needs to be forcibly removed from office (as do many others). There needs to be age limitations. She’s obviously not functioning as she should be.

  2. Power is so intoxicating that Congress people would literally rather die in office while on a ventilator, feeding tube, wheel chair, IVs, etc. then retire.

    1. Gasping for 🫁 Air ,coughing up Blood, Seizing,Blindness,Fainting Still There🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Not always about power…. my Uncle is 82 and has a consulting job he doesn’t want to quit. He just likes to work.

  3. I had shingles at age 50 and it hit me like a brick. So painful. It took a long time to recover.

    1. Have you had it since? I get shingles everytime I stress really bad. I get it in my eyes nose forehead. It’s the worst your right. I didn’t know it could damage our brain. I get shingles atheist 4 times a year and it doesn’t go away for at least a month.

    2. I got shingles when I was 18. Had a rash from my chest all the way around and down my back. Felt like someone beat my chest and back with a baseball bat. Luckily I haven’t had that bad of an outbreak since. I remember when the doctor told me what it was, I was thinking isn’t that something old people get 🤣

    3. Shingles is NOT Feinstein’s problem, SENILITY is…. Like many others her age, she belongs in a HOME>>>

  4. It’s called being drunk with power. Once they get it, they’re not going to give it up voluntarily. It’s sad because despite her volume of important work, she’ll be known mainly for refusing to retire gracefully.

    1. It’s always the finish line people remember. Games, races, careers, and sciences. I didn’t know jack about this woman. And now she is going to be the representative who didn’t bow out due to age.

  5. this why we need term/age limits. We don’t need more old, senile officials in congress making decisions that can affect our nation.

    1. The age is a big factor. They want old people so by the time their crimes come to light they won’t be held accountable. Get it?

    2. What about the young senile officials–or the ones who are any age and just hate-filled? Are they okay to serve? Age is not the variable we should be focused on; it is competency and ability to fulfill the job. Age and ability are not the same thing.

  6. My God. The insanity of her staying in office is quite literally abusive at this point. This is elder abuse and/or clinical insanity. If she wasn’t ( absurdly ) an elected Senator with a vote representing 40 million people – she would absolutely be in a nursing home in the “memory care” unit.

    1. I genuinely can’t think of any way this could be considered anything but elder abuse. Like it feels illegal because it is. It’s disgusting. I don’t care who it is, nobody deserves this.

    2. At some point you should be forced out , are we to believe she even does her job and not a staffer.

  7. Calling for her resignation won’t do any good. I don’t expect Feinstein, like Biden and others, to be self-aware enough to resign. The people around her are propping her up because they know they can control her. Very sad.

    1. Are we living in a parallel universe!?!!!!
      This is insane, bizarre , psycho behavior. And we’re just living like this like nothing is wrong!😅

  8. Brain swelling is basically brain damage. Asking that she retires is the kindest thing for her to do. She needs to just relax and enjoy her life. Kennedy is chastising anyone who suggests that she retires is insane

  9. I will never understand that there is a minimum age to BE a Senator/President/Representative but not a maximum age. AND term-limits need to be imposed immediately….they should not sit there for life. Get in, WORK FOR THE PEOPLE and get out in 10 years….It is mind-boggling truly.

    1. Two terms and gone. No healthcare, no retirement package, treat them as independent contractor

  10. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, I think anyone would agree this is elder abuse.

    1. Not abuse, they don’t want to leave. They are addicted to the power. Once they step down they aren’t “important”.

    2. @Some guy Not just power but the money. They all become so fabulously wealthy. I think they might also feel a need to get as much as possible for their families while still alive, power and money, trying to establish a dynasty for generations. A form of immortality.

    3. There’s too many old people making decisions for the country. Term limits need to be set as well as age maximums

  11. That’s exactly what my husband had this year in the exact same place. But he isn’t running the country. He had a hard enough time and he’s 35 years younger than she is. It’s been a long road to recovery. She cannot do her job so she needs to step down.

  12. The government needs to reflect the people it serves. The average age of members of congress is far higher than the age of the people they are supposed to represent. I’m not being ageist here, but there are way too many people in congress who are out of touch with the people that they are duty-bound to represent, and this is a shining example of that. It’s time to resign and to make way for the next generation.

    1. ​@Putins Cat it’s hard. The best most qualified people havent run for office in decades. Smart people would not put themselves through the abuse of the election process, because it went from debate on policy differences between 2 parties to attacks back and forth between the 2 instead.

  13. what a disgrace that this country keeps people like this in a position of power, what has happened to our country, pure insanity

    1. there is no constitutional requirement to kick them out based on advanced age. so what is you issue?

    1. She looks older and sicker than those actual “oldest man/woman alive” you see in Guiness Book and the news every year.

  14. yet another reason we need age limits, i feel bad for her i hope she recovers.. but at that age it’s almost impossible.

  15. There comes a point that politicians need to let go, especially when cognition is involved

  16. My husband had shingles following a stroke in July 2020. His shingles went all over his face, inside his mouth and his eyes. It was extremely hard on him, but he preserved and he is much better

  17. Her body is just catching up to the mental unwellness that has been evident to most of us in her for decades.

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