1. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” – Joseph Goebbels

    1. @Joboygbp Edwards Don’t assume things about Mr Biden…all that comes from the Big Mouth (45),are lies and more lies…

    2. @Bigfoot719USAHF Not sure how that has anything to do with the fact that turmp is the most prolific liar in US government history.

  2. The most disturbing fact is that they know exactly what is going on, what is true and what is false, but they purposely choose to walk the misguiding and misinformating path. Politicians, eh!

  3. The Circus has come to town with McCarthy playing the lead clown! The House is going to be the greatest freak show on Earth for the next 2 years!😅

    1. It makes no difference because, the incompetent politicians will have us in a a war by the end of the year. Both parties are corrupt, incompetent politicians who are all multi millionaires, controlled by the War Industrial complex. The once beautiful country where anyone if they worked hard, could be a success, is no longer there. I am 83 years old and it makes no difference what party is in control because the country is controlled by the billionaires and industrial war complex. They will have us in a war by the end of 2023. We already have what they call “boots on the ground” in the Ukraine. We are sacrificing our country for a country controlled by a corrupt dictator who is fighting another corrupt dictator. Meanwhile, since Biden ticked of the Saudi prince, he is aligning with China, Russia, India and a few dictatorship South American oil countries. They plan to change the world exchange commodity from the U.S. dollar to the gold standard. The politicians keep us fighting between ourselves on issues like abortion and voting rights, shadowing what is really going on. I sincerely hope that I am wrong. The U.S. gave up the gold standard many years ago.

    2. @B. Kent Donald Trump shouldn’t have gotten in bed with all the Dictators hoping to line his and his families pickets?

    3. Anything to take the focus of your beloved president ? ya know the one who the entire world is laughing at at he speaks gibberish every time he opens his mouth and if its not gibberish is pure lies..like how he said he talked to the inventor of insulin who died in the 1940’s when Joe was 1 year old… or how about the G2 summit when he rattled off names of people he talked to that were also dead. he’s so demented that he gets lost on a portable stage that is 20 ft x 10 ft…. but please continue acting like McCarthy is sooooo much worse…

  4. Fact Checking is so much fun. Spent the morning watching FOX clips and fact checking in the comments and WOW!!!. Responses are hilarious.

    1. Do you mean like when KJP says that Biden takes the handling of classified doc’s seriously ? Or that Biden created 10,000,000 new jobs. Or the price of gas going down is because of the work that this administration has done, yet the rise in price was due to Trump ? I could go on and on.

    1. @Dixie Wrecked Watch the full video on the Congress site. McCarthy clearly said that their bill would have a hard time making it past the senate. CNN is misleading you. Look it up.

  5. From a few years ago,lying has become a new normal,get highly agitated if somebody “dares” in accordance to them,to fact check them! 🙄

    1. @B. Kent
      That net worth you attribute to Pelosi is mostly as a result of her husband’s real estate development business. What evidence do you have against Schiff? Zero.

    2. @B. Kent Important for Republicans to know. Bipartisanship in making money while in Congress. Why not try and find bipartisanship in speaking honestly about the debt ceiling. It is NOT giving Joe Biden a blank check. It is,PAYING OFF THE DEBT INCURRED BY TRUMP. McCarthy and Greene love him, so try and educate yourselves that it IS PAYING OUR DEBT, NOT INCURRING NEW DEBT.

    3. @nancy m ross Precisely. It’s a debt that was ran up by the last guy. They didn’t seem to have an issue with that. Now they want to screw Biden over, as opposed to doing the right thing.

    4. @Renee M That’s another sign that the collective IQ of the current Republican party has dropped significantly. They also have rejected bipartisanship and compromise as fundamental and effective give tools of a healthy way to govern. It appears that the MAGA crowd still dominates the Republican party. Until that becomes extremely unpopular, they will continue to lost for power. They do not care about governing. They simply want power to impose their antidemocratic views upon the majority of the people. They are antidemocratic, many on the Judicial Committee participated in the insurrection, and, according to the 14th Amendment shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress. This is a remnant from the Civil War, and it is time to use it again. These people are NOT patriotic to this country, only their own power.

  6. Daniel Dale, you have the hardest job in the world. Fact checking liars who lie on a monstrous scale has got to be painstaking…and frustrating. If I had your job I would take the easy way out and probably be fired. If it was a statement from a politician, I would just say it’s a lie and end it at that. You are a far better fact checker than I would ever be.

    1. He LIED!! He didn’t show the full story. On the Congress site, McCarthy clearly said he didn’t know if the bill would get past the senate. Your ‘fact checker’ needs fact-checked!!!!! TRY WATCHING CONGRESS!

  7. A rather unfortunate cutoff point there at the end. While he was actually referring to his colleague Ms Montgomery, it sure seemed like he was calling Daniel, “papi”. 😂

  8. *She ruled the House with an iron fist! McCarthy on the other hand gave individual congressmen/women the power to make amendments from the House floor! NANCY WOULD NEVER HAVE ALLOWED THAT!*

    1. Notice no one cares where Santos was born or who has given him financial support . Where is his birth certificate? Do his supporters come from Brazil and tDump supporters 🤔

  9. Why are there no laws on the books to restrict politicians from telling lies while in office?! These people are in positions of power that SHOULD be held to higher accountability for what they say!

  10. Well, the way the record stands as of right now, just the idea that anything republicans say could ever be deemed as true or real is a non-starter.

  11. This should all be put up on large posters and displayed around the halls of congress so the liars have to see their own lies in writing!

    1. @Annette C McCarthy didn’t lie. CNN failed to show the part where McCarthy said the bill probably wouldn’t pass the senate and Biden. I saw it on the Congress video.

  12. “Rhetoric from House Republicans leave their counterparts in the Senate to spare them from having to govern”

    -Rep Kevin Cramer

  13. Every single “news” broadcast should succinctly fact-check power speakers statements, every single hour, every day.

    What are they if they’re not doing that? They aren’t journalists if they don’t.

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