CNN’s Victor Blackwell tears up defending hometown over Trump attacks

CNN's Victor Blackwell became emotional while responding to President Donald Trump's tweets calling Rep. Elijah Cummings' (D-MD) district a "very dangerous & filthy place" and calls out the President's repeated use of the word "infested" while attacking minority lawmakers. #CNN #News


    1. John Noneya yeah, he’s created more division in this country than any other time in our history accept for the civil war. He has and continually destroys our international reputation as a country. He has and continually drives wedges of uncertainty and mistrust with most of our greatest allies, while he embraces, rationalizes and justifies the words and actions of our greatest advisaries. No other president has put as much effort into destroying the 3 things that make America strong, like this draft dodging coward, silver spoon punk has.

    1. 60,000 people are living on the streets in Los Angeles typhoid bubonic plague life expectancy 47 years old!

      San Diego San Francisco the same!

    2. It’s always about feelings and emotions on the democrat/fake news side
      , nothing new here..
      Crying about some tweets from the President? I think those tears either come from CNN’s ratings drop, or that more people worldwide are realising Trump is doing the right thing for his country.

    3. Fake tears and more TDS. How dare trump suggest that Rep. Elijah Cummings should be working to represent his district or acting in his position to help or serve them.

  1. That’s how people talk when they have been spoon feed all their life. Don’t know anything about working hard like a real man. News Flash Mr. President real women love men who work, not the ones who benefit from others.

    1. @Mark Condon no he did the opposite the economy is great jobs are plentiful ISIS is not beheading our journalist anymore hostages are home veterans benefits are much better prison reform immigration is gone crazy he is trying to fix the problem that Obama should have and he will win again in the next election

    2. pence is afraid to be with women ALONE while Mrs Pence has FEAR begin with rapist trump.


    2. @Gap tooth… How come Elijah Cummings doesn’t fix the infestation of problems in his OWN democrat controlled city? Baltimore has not had a Republican majority OR a Republican mayor since the 1960s, when everything was beautiful & greatthen…
      What has this congressman done since he’s been elected to help his constituents? I will give each of you a chance to name just one thing? NAME ANYTHING???
      Of course I’ll be waiting all year long.
      Trump is correct.

    3. Baltimore is 100% Democrat controlled in all manners of all goverment!! Your funny. No one cares about that place anymore. It’s the Democrat messed. Why havent they fixed it? Why havent the voter voted them out??? This is the dumbest comment I’ve ever read!!!

  2. Is anyone surprised by this?? A party that needs a corrupted election to win is without a doubt the lowest form of a government.

    1. E Clouston popular vote is for pure democracy not a Constitutional Republic. Pure democracy is gang rape.

    2. After the Mueller fiasco, countless fake hate crimes, name calling anyone who doesn’t agree with democrats, extreme violence of antifa Hitlerjugends – who are owned and controlled by dnc, and the latest from the new leaders of democrats, the Four Crackpots – who can blame democrat voters for giving up? What does democrats REALLY of new politics – except for orange man bad?

    3. Michael Kendzior. ON PAPER!!! Because the electronic “electoral vote” process for #2020 is STILL “RUSSIAN RIGGED”

    1. Scott Allen All you can do is call people names, typical progressive, you can’t hold an argument!

    2. @Solving Politics, names you say? Horse face, lazy, crazy, names like those? And I’m an Independent.

    3. @Solving Politics, you want to debate facts or show your hypocrisy? I’ll bring facts, you’ll most likely bring opinions.

    1. @The Autumn Wind lol this is happening in LIBERAL cities ran by DEMOCRATS… if anything by bringing light to the situation he is doing more than the dems running these districts who are just sitting back watching it happen.

    1. DroidMod lol racist for what? Calling out the deteriorating state of baltimore and the history of corruption there?

  3. NY has night volunteers with dogs trying to eradicate its own infestation.
    If trump paid his taxes, he could help pay for the services

    1. Trump has paid millions in taxes and donated his Presidential wage.
      Maybe Dems can dig into their pockets or maybe those Democrat politicians and officials can change the decades of mismanagement they’ve inflicted on that place!

      Maybe instead of wasting 30 million trying to get Trump via the FBI witchunt, they could have used some of that to help?
      Maybe instead of letting illegals in which cost the US billions in healthcare, education, justice they would help US citizens like those in Baltimore first!

    2. Bullshit Deblasio as mayor and Cuomo as governor NY is a disgrace.. Oh the days of Giuliani and Bloomberg .. True leaders it don’t matter dems or Republicans .. Leaders are leaders .. Fools are fools

    1. Anderson Cooper

      Trump is a racists ghetto acting white trash pos bigot. So of course racist republicans like you like him.

      Does trump ever call white trash heroin epidemic meth kansas white trash cities out of course not thats his base.. lol. White racist.

      Trump is the king of race baiting

  4. Nazi’s referred to Jews etc, as rodents and an infestation. Everyone remembers how that ended. Stop 45 before he becomes a threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

  5. Dementia Don is a dangerous person. This narcissistic demagogue has an enemy’s list a mile long. I hope some of his high profile critics have exit strategies.

  6. Well said, keep up the good fight! You’re doing our nation right holding the powerful accountable.

  7. White Privilege makes Trump okay to say hateful things about *Americans* – when these same people hate back they’re declared un-American – WOW, its easy to be head-boned in the USA

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