GOP voter: If Trump put down Twitter, I’d be behind him

Undecided Michigan voters sat down with CNN's Randi Kaye to discuss which candidates they would consider in the 2020 presidential election.


  1. The Trumpist is essentially saying “if Trump stopped telling me what he thinks I’d like him”.

    1. @Frankie Parton Paranoid, wicked tyrants, supported by a racist, ignorant population build walls. Intelligent, compassionate citizens have to pull them down again, when the tyrants are dead, and the population has been educated.

    2. But remember that ALL Republicans believe that if a SINGLE Democrat gets back into power, World War 3 will start and EVERYONE WILL DIE!

    3. @wily wascal Trump is a wicked tyrant. When you see clouds, you say ‘it will rain’, when the ocean throws up big waves, you say ‘swimming is dangerous today’.

      When intelligent, educated people like me see, and hear a miserable, wretched traitor like Trump, we say ‘this bodes ill for America. Some horrific evil is sure to befall us’. The problem is… since most humans on earth are ignorant, degraded fools, they do not see what I, and people like me see. I see Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Caligula, Pinochet, Mussolini… take your pick. Evil, racist, Fox News-deluded, ignorant, ill-educated sucker fools think Antichrist Trump is good for America, and good for them…. or they are so overpowered by darkness, that like agents of the darkness of chaos, they just want to pull it all down, and burn it. Freud called it Thanatos – the will to self-destruct. If our collective unconscious is lusting for annihilation, electing Antichrist Trump was an EXCELLENT choice. But, for sane, reasonable people, we are all extremely miserable about Traitor Trump. Nothing good can come of it, because Satan is leading him by the throat.

  2. So evil actions, no compassion, treason, and corruption are ok to some trump supporters as long as he stops tweeting. So SAD.

    1. @Larry White 😂 😂 now that is funny..i dont care who u are…that made me spit my damn sweet tea out everywhere 💀

    1. Wow this person being interviewed is a moron. Sorry about his policies not his Twitter you idiot!

    2. @CLAPB 312 Just erase the name next time responding! Cult dupe trying to get cute with their propaganda crap!

    1. His tweets add more fuel to the 25th needs starting and help his impeachment being as unfit as he his.
      I thought his only use of a toilet is to empty his diaper before getting help putting it back on.

    2. @Dark Tenki
      actually its those with a functual brain who sees what trump is will save the country, and from being a total dictatorship by a lying psychopath.

    1. @Dark Tenki Need all the Dems, who each have their own strengths (and weaknesses)! Their diversity is their strength, their unity their power! A good lesson not to forget! More AOC fan than Pelosi, but Nancy doing a remarkable job under very, very difficult circumstances, displaying a dignity and wisdom of which this nation is sorely in need! Delighted to see best ever crop of Dems in Congress right now. Just need Senate and Oval to go along with House, so we can start progressing again, rather than regressing.

    2. @Money Suckle Clearly, Doc, you only care about yourself, mostly! Just like Biggest Loser! You’re also missing/evading the point, as usual!

    1. Donald Trump is a Racists, however, he never wanted to be President, his hate is being backed by other people who hate, lots of money for Trump including from Saudi’s, who want America to be more like Russia, “to put people of color, women back in their place” instead of coming together as a Nation to fight this hate, the few joined in with Trump to divide our country and set us up for another civil War If people don’t wake up we could become the real “Gilead” and live under his eye! Wake up everyone and stop Trump’s madness.

  3. LOL how stupid can Americans get?? The future of the country, the law of the land, the whole election comes down to…. Twitter.

    1. @Daniel Tanner No… There were LOTS of reasons why Trump won, beginning with *_”basket of deplorables”._* ONLY pedophile democrats are so insanely *_stupid,_* that they believe shaming voters will get them more voters. And the child rapist democrats do it again now – of course – claiming all white people are nazi racist terrorists. Literally, that is whaty kiddie fiddler democrats do.
      I whish the kid fucker democrats good luck with that tacitics

  4. “When he does this xenophobic tweets” tweets isnt the worst of Trump. His actions are what you should be more worried about.
    Young Trump voters scare me.

    1. After Robert Mullers hearing, the Democrats proved to be unfit for office. Everyone of them are unfit, corrupt, incompetent and immoral to the core. This is the end of the coup. The best thing for America would be that this is the end of the Democrat party, they are a disease that we can do without.

    2. @CLAPB 312 kiddie fiddler democrats are pedo fascists. Noone wants a pedo fascist as leader.

  5. It’s interesting to google Andrew Yang. He actually seems to be what most of these people are asking for.

    1. @Kathleen Martin Unknown at present. A lot of fans like the idea of Yang/Gabbard, but that’s just speculation.

    2. @Derek Van Gorder I like Yang /Warren or visa versa ..I don’t seem to hear much about Ms Gabbard.. I think we will have a better idea after this weeks debates..

    3. ​@Kathleen Martin I’d be down with that. Warren is probably my #2 or #3 preference after Yang. My win condition is UBI, because I think it will solve a lot of perennial social/cultural/economic problems in the U.S. I think a really good move for any of the Democratic front-runners would be to select Yang as a VP and get his UBI policy onboard.

    1. I mean, I know why, but why haven’t Democrats digged into the Real Evil Truth about Donald J. Trump? Like his taxes and Trump-Epstein stuff….

    2. @Dark Tenki Easy. There is no facts behind that dumb logic. See, DemoKKKrats need to focus on getting the socialism Squad to stop thier racist remarks then focus on trump👍

  6. You would vote for him if he put down his twitter ??? Is that what bug’s you about him, SAD ! This is where our country is going.

  7. If a white woman can sit on here and say “This America wasn’t set up for me…” what do black people then say?

    1. singerliljermz Black people would say you ships have NEVER thought we are LESS THAN just because our skin is darker than yours.

    2. @Swnsasy _ If the black people in question are educated, they would know the Democrats are the party of the KKK, the party of Jim Crow, the party of Jim Crow, etc, etc. Those facts are conveniently forgotten now, as if this pandering and new-age race-baiting by the left has changed any of that in 2019, lol

  8. How can anyone think Trump is trying to grow the economy? Twitter is only one percent of one percent of the problem with Trump.

    1. Considering Michigan is almost always a blue state asides from a few times, that’s kinda to he expected.
      That’s like if I went “Psst, republicans won texas” they are obviously going to win texas, as democrats are going to win California

  9. notice how the iran crises has died dowh since the mueller hearing? all con don did was throw a smoke screen and would risk a war to protect himself.

    1. You mean democrats , and the smoke screen of Russia russia russia ,to postpone the murdering witch killery crimes and hers .
      They find seth riches murderer yet ? On that nothing stolen robbery ? No. Mr snowflake?

    2. Because your favorite media outlets and mouthpieces of the democrat party have not given you news on that, is because they were too busy influencing your opinion with the 24/7 Trump collusion b.s. hoax. It is YOU who choses to ignore other news.

    1. Yang’s the future. UBI, UHC, and heal the Left / Right divide? Goodbye 20th century politics, hello 21st.

    2. @brian gardner please go look into future job numbers vs automation. Yang is the only candidate who even talks about it.

  10. We must be like Peurto Rico and take to our streets in Mass to get trump impeached- stop waiting start loudly protesting trump America! Impeach trump! No justice, no peace!

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