Erin Burnett: Things are moving on impeachment

CNN's Erin Burnett details how some Democrats are moving forward with an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.
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  1. Things are moving alright, like Trump’s re-election, the Weissman fantasy is dead, better luck in 2024! LMFAO

    1. Fabian Tijero LMFAO Nobody knows what the hell you’re talking about, buddy! We’ve never been happier!!!! I hope you can manage your pain today! try and HAVE A GREAT DAY!

    1. Plantation? Yeah, and are you the Master? You one of the 1% elite?
      No? Well you are just another piece of meat on the farm, too, you moron. We are either livestock or the farmer. Only 1% are the farmers. I doubt you are nothing but a slave like the rest of us, but you seem to think you can divide yourself off into a “better” group and kick your peers and hate because you call them “liberals”. Moron, when will you learn the ‘us versus them’ is a game the farmer created so we all stay in our place and don’t leave the farm? Hmmm???? You on the plantation, too, jackwagon.

    2. @none none ladies and gentlemzn meet “none none “A PLANTATION member who feels sorry for (it) self A living failure who accepts living on the PLANTATION as a SLAVE
      To lazy to note “We the people”
      To invested in “Group think “PLANTATION mentality 😳🤪😴😌
      Unlearned Fool I always been FREE and so have many here who made the FREE WILL CHOICE to leave the PLANTATION Your poor rebuttal shows your despetate plight of feeling sorry for your self and resorting to stay on the PLANTATION
      The only 1 % thats accurate in your cowardly stance Is that many off the PLANTATION drink 1%low fat milk
      Now go back to your owner while we off the PLANTATION will continue to be FREE and take FULL RESPOSIBILITY for our lives instead of living the life of a coward and feeling sorry for themselves You also should move to IRAN so you can serve one of the master SLAVE owners Where you can Pledge allegiance to there way of goverment It would be an upgrade for you waking up each day as the coward you are
      Enjoy the Silence now 🤫
      The end:)

  2. Dear CNN, you are a joke. Do yourself a favor and stop reporting on bs, then maybe you can bring your ratings up, but probably not.

    1. @William Derrickson sounds about right. Huge drop from having been rated number one until Trump got elected. 😂🤣

  3. You know the dimotards are in trouble, when they have more people running for president, than coming to their rallies, ROFLMAO!!!

    1. You clearly didn’t pay attention to the Mueller and Cohen testimonies. The GOP bought a pig in a poke who lied about his religiosity, what he did and didn’t know about payouts to McDougal and Daniels and who Mueller indicated was NOT exonerated by his investigation. The doddering fool couldn’t even realize he was standing in front of a satirical parody of the real Presidential Seal. Who doesn’t notice GOLF CLUBS and TWO EAGLE HEADS on the Presidential Seal? The President. The President didn’t notice.

  4. < What happened to 'Its Mueller Time" for the last 3 years? Guess impeachment is beyond your 'purview. '

    1. 2 thirds of Dems voted against impeachment on the vote last week. Why? If this president is so corrupt, a Russian asset, having committed treason, a traitor…why did 2 thirds of the Dems vote against impeachment. ??? 4 investigations so far…no collusion….and no determination that there was obstruction. meuller himself was asked on Wednesday if his inverstigation was impeded in any way and his answer was…no!!! I don’t think the Dems believe their own bullshit. Why else would they make all these accusations but vote against impeachment???

    2. Can you repeat the question? Oh wait, I am not going to get into that. LMAO!
      Vote Trump 2020 & KAG!

    3. @Joe Perez Ive voted democrat in every presidential election since ’92 except in 2016 when I couldnt bring myself to vote for either candidate. In 2020 I will be voting Trump.

  5. Gasp! Super secret information? Keep up the great work!!! There is always something right around the corner and I can always count on my orange man bad fix for my TDS!

    1. Dummy the prosecutor decides if there is a crime to prosecute. There is none…the end now back to your safe space and get your crayons.

  6. Anyone else confused why they haven’t uploaded a video about SCOTUS confirming the president can use Pentagon funds for the wall?

    1. @Hestia Moon How many billions do you imagine goes into housing all these thousands at the border. How about all the insurance and other benefits the illegals get once they are here. Could all that money be used for poor, homeless and/or hungry American children that are already here, including veterans? I mean, do we just keep the border open for all of South America? That’s quite a massive population.

    2. Anyone the reads knows the courts approved the funds can be used. More debt yaaaaa trump. Wall will not solve the issues at the boarder. It will just bring out more votes for Democrats who will again inherit an other huge debt from a Republican government

    1. These nitwits that still believe CNN think we’re all bots, lol. They’ll see bots come 2020. Of course their mental illness will force them to think Russia had something to do with it once again. SAD!

  7. I listen to news from all sources, and CNN is easily the most biased against the right. What does it tell you when most comments here support the right? On a super left video? Not a good sign for the left come election day.

    1. Todd Walker because some of the original democrats and independents have been pushed away. I was never really into politics until i paid attention to what the left has been doing since Trump got elected. I’d rather have him in power than see these radical leftists get power

    1. @Ina Sl at a golf course… that’s where you make deals happen. Just like when you get out of church

    2. clownkiller0629 What did Trump say about Obama playing golf, and what he would do? Forgotten. And where are his great deals? Have I missed anything?

    3. @Ina Sl how about NAFTA, how about Iran how about Canada Mexico agreement. Tariffs on China Goods…do you live under a rock?

    1. I haven’t been a Democrat since the 80s ….. And they weren’t near as crazy as they are now….. I’m sickened by the waste of money time and resources caused by MSNBC and CNN continuing to spin their narratives.

    2. @CLAPB 312 if by trolls you mean people who can look at a situation, judge it on its merits and think for themselves …..then yes, I guess we’re trolls

  8. Idk why ppl always hating on CNN. I always learn something from them. Today I learned Delaware has an airhead in Congress. Then when you turn it off, suddenly you feel so good- the sun shines brighter, the air smells sweeter, food tastes better. CNN is amazing!

  9. OOOOOOHHHHH Jerry Nadler maybe he can go see the wizard and get collusion!!! Erin are you high???

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