Cooper: Trump is telling detained kids to ‘suck it up’

CNN's Anderson Cooper criticizes President Donald Trump for a series of tweets that appear to minimize the conditions at detention facilities along the US-Mexico border. #CNN #News


  1. Trump is a dark cloud on American democracy and civility. There is no silver lining,. only poison in this cloud.

    1. @Rocky Comet
      Yes…you’re certainly
      Again, and again and again.
      Petty much hourly now.
      Congrats. We’re now the country the U.N. should be sanctioning.

    1. Wouldn’t he have to commit crimes against humanity first? If they break a law…..what’d they expect? Would it be better to just execute the trespassers instead of giving them shelter? Maybe they should setup landmines along the border, cause clean up would be cheaper than housing….better yet, why don’t the Democrats in Congress stop being so stubborn and actually get some funding to the border for the things needed? Oh, I get it, it’s easier to cause a problem and blame Trump for it even when it’s the same conditions and laws from before his presidency. The general population is too gullible to realize the true cause if the problem because morons like CNN are pushing an agenda instead of reality.

    2. @Utha I appreciate your reply. However, registered Democrat, and I have a dream job under trump administration, and many Hispanics, Blacks, and women are saying the same thing in record numbers. Under Obama we had the highest welfare participation rate ever. I’m voting for trump for 2020, and many are doing the same because similar experience. Trump has done nothing to embarrass himself in my opinion. Also come July 17 I hope you have your popcorn ready because the Democrats are going to be unmasked ironically enough for the true traitorous pigs that they are. However that’s nothing new look at their origins. Take a look at the civil war, ect, ect, ect.

    1. The main problem is majority of the people don’t qualify for asylum. If they don’t qualify for asylum, we should deport them ASAP. THAT IS THE REASON WHY THERE’S OVERCROWDING! And majority of them are
      Due to:
      *•Non-eligibility* (Read legal terms below and requirements)
      *•Criminal records*
      *•Not showing up to asylum hearings*

      Few of the many people who apply for asylum fit into that category. Persecution is defined generally as the infliction of suffering or harm, or a serious threat to your life or freedom. Harassment alone isn’t enough, but things like death threats, torture, imprisonment, constant surveillance,

      Also, the fact that you are suffering economically is not, by itself, considered a reason for granting refugee or asylee status. Nor is it enough if someone has a grudge against you, or has committed crimes against you for random or personal reasons.

      *Before any of you liberals respond with your non-factual emotional opinion, I’m citing my evidence because facts matter*

    2. @will drew lol I’M the criminal? Really? Compared to trump are you fucking kidding me? hahaha

    3. @Jerry Fitness you may be right but it is all moot. Hasn’t it always been “come and live the american dream”? which is apparently something like living in north korea or maybe china with state run media and concentration camps for babies etc etc.

    4. @Ted Cameron nice threat to the president, enjoy being on government watchlist and no-fly list for the rest of your life lol

    1. Please name a single country that takes in more immigrants than the US…? Also, if the US is so immoral, why come here? There are 200+ other countries they can go too.

    2. El Loco So where were you when Obunmer built the cages at the border? When he said illegals must enter “legally” where were you dumb shits then?

    3. @Common Sense The people who come here escaping Central and South American countries’ oppression and violence, they pay their life savings to escape and are taken advantage of by “people movers” who deliver them to the US. Their phones are taken (wouldn’t get service most of the way anyway) so they don’t have access to our rules, laws, policies. They’re just told, “I’ll take you to safety.” So all they know is what lies they’ve been told about how great it will be over the border. Mexico needs to crack down on these human traffickers.

      I wish someone in the US would put up billboards along the border, facing Mexico, saying “You and your children will be imprisoned if you cross the border” in all the dialects, so the refugees would know! So many have said if they knew, they never would have brought the children

    4. @Jigoku Shojo To the first paragraph, still not our problem. I know it sounds cold, but it’s the reality of the situation. Once again… there are still 200+ other countries they could be “taken to safety too.” Are you saying these people are stupid and don’t understand the consequences of going to a country illegally they aren’t from? I’m sure they know what happens to people who come to their country… they will be robbed, kidnapped, jailed, and deported.

      I have sympathy for there situation 100%… however, the world owes no one anything.

    1. Right and bless all those Democrates , and far left imbeciles seeking a few more millions illegal migrants.
      As Demo-Rats it all comes down to votes because with illegals they will always vote Democrate.
      They supply votes for democrats with illegal I D ‘ s. Democrats are the ones who encourage migrants to travel two thousand miles in hot buses. Young pregent women aged 15 to.16 and 17 years old, traveling in their late stage of pregency is senseless and dangerous to the women and the unborn babies.
      Also young children and toddlers should not get on the road in buses going through hot deserts for thousands of miles. Is very dangerous and difficult even if children if are given food and water.
      The point is that by the time these children and pregent women arrive at the border, they easly suffer various health issues. Adding that many already are traveling with health issues that can be contages.
      Those trips are dangers with mirgrants dieing all along the way. The blame goes to democrate liberals and George Sours. As long as they get all the immigrants VOTES these monsters will continue to arrange for thousands of more illegal migrants
      Who ever gets sick or dies they blame President Trump for heath issues even deaths, overcrowding. All those migrants need medical treatmemts, food, clothing and sent back to where they came from. The U S, isn’t responsible for those thousands of mirgrants waiting for processing who which takes time.
      The blame goes to Sours and the far left Democrates. Trump in 2020 will win his Presidental election. Democrates, far lift liberals and progressives have made a mess at the southern border.

    2. @musiclogic
      You are waaaaay too obsessed with Donald Trump. Not only have you been played, but you’re mentally ill.

      Smart people, and you’re certainly not one of them, are thinking about what comes AFTER Donald Trump is gone. You’re too sick to see that. You’re too immature and juvenile.

    3. @JimInJasper

      indeed Agulf Tweetler has done fab making america a great shithole again
      @Richard Ralph Roehl
      what you should be proud trump set out to make the usa a great shithole and he has had success
      including keeping it a great shithole
      thats what you terrorists want 🤗

    4. @musiclogic,


      right ? its fascinating that the alright terrorists have this tactic of misblaming the media its because they are incapable of acknowledging self-responsibility they believe they are exempt and also try to equivalate for a coping mechanism
      also just plain fearmongering the trump administration project dictorship traits

    1. @P. Rabbitt Just curious, Have you you ever given much thought to the unborn babbies that have been ripped out of their mother’s womb.. Anyone who wants to get on the subject of morals and what’s right oughta think about that once in awhile.

  2. That’s rich coming from the guy who cries like an insecure teenager over losing twitter followers.😭😭

    1. @Pipe Down the United States of America legally allows more immigrants per year to become citizens than any other country. This is about illegal immigrants not immigrants. Save your trash argument for some fool .

    1. kim ofallmedia it’s the Republicans that choose to treat people like they are subhuman. The democrats are the only ones sticking up for peoples rights. Nice try, you trump supporters love deflecting.

    2. Eric Fecalmatter Wrong, your socialist party has blocked funding for over a year. Check your head, numbskull anti-American filth.

  3. They can also leave and go back across the border any time they want. They aren’t under arrest, they aren’t prisoners.

  4. Repeal the $1.5 Trillion tax scam and raise taxes on the rich. We need equal distribution of wealth. Not the top 1% hogging all the wealth in America and hiding it overseas to avoid paying taxes on it.

  5. Also instead of being lead by the nose on climate change how bout doing some research on it . Listen to the climate scientist some of them were very respected , that say that it is not true and being used for an agenda . Countries whittle away there sovereignty with these international agreements .They are taxing people to death in countries with carbon taxes and the French say they are doing nothing for the environment with the money .Canada just started carbon taxes They will keep going up .The French working class are paying 50% or more of their incomes to taxes . That’s why they are rioting .Also for you younger people look into whether Bill Nye the science guy is really a scientist or a T.V. creation . He was a mechanical engineer and I bet not a very good one . Many engineers end up doing things for a living that have nothing to do with engineering .

  6. Just ship them out to their country!!! Enough already of democraps💩 selective moral, they kill babies in late abortions and alive, so what is their problem now?

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