Crime & Covid Impacting Business in Westmoreland Jamaica | TVJ News – Jan 17 2022

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  1. They have all the resources yet can’t fix crime. Memphis,Chicago,LA,etc is worst than all the places in Jamaica combined but what is happening in Jamaica more needs to be done to reduce crime.

    1. Garbage u talking. None of those places have more crime that Jamaica go check ur fact the three put together Jamaica have more crime

  2. Crime needs a bottom up approach starts within the community but the people in communities can’t trust no anyone to report crime too because the police can’t be trusted

  3. It’s time chang get out of politics especially security minister dem need to hire someone who studied crimes such as police officers.

  4. Look at these use be safe backa bush parish people cnt walk 🚶 in piece, jah jah, the government need a deal with these young criminals that are coming up..

  5. If police in general was so abusive as people claim them to be, we wouldn’t talk about it. Look at the freedom people have to cuss of police, but it’s rare when someone speak up against known criminals because they are either trying to protect them or they’re more afraid of criminal abuse than police.

  6. Boi, its rough!! Crime and violence plus covid makes living hard!!. I dont know how or when it will get better. There’s no crime plan. None!! Its ridiculous. In this time and age everyone should have proper water supply and lighting.

  7. Please! These young men don’t want to work or do anything, every one of them looking for respect, if not then war start. This will never stop with this generation because they’re power and money hungry.

  8. It’s funny how Jamaicans know who is the thief in the community, which women selling goods in the community, and who the druggist are, but can’t tell who the murderers are or maybe they know? It’s always easy to blame the government tho

  9. Every citizen is responsible for helping with the prevention of crime . There is no point complaining about crime after it has happened .

  10. If something is not done to stop the Crime in Jamaica no one will want to visit. Then what happens, business suffers due to lack of tourist coming into the country, it’s a real shame.

  11. Stop blaming the politicians! There are bad law enforcement but not all officers are bad. Let’s start with the citizens who are hoarding the criminals. People need to call the hotline, it’s anonymous.

  12. Business across the island actually in junction saint Elizabeth area most bars and business places are closed by 8 atm and before now people couldn’t wait until curfews got extended but now if u are open at nights you’ll get robbed!!

  13. As for as I see, the Prime Minister doesn’t care shut about the crimes in Jamaica, he is doing nothing about the crime.

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