Lacovia to get New Police Station | TVJ News – Jan 17 2022

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  1. It is time Jamaica get a new defense minister for crime Because the one that we got right now not working Jamaica need a better way Prime Minister?

  2. JA NEEDS TO CHANGE FROM A REACTIVE TO A PROACTIVE COUNTRY. JA needs to have sectored zones whereby each zone is infiltrated by up to 300 police/soldiers to permanently patrol the complete sector by foot, in cars and by drones. These sectors will be patrolled 24 hours a day with heightened security at night. There shall also be road checkpoints on all major roads. NO VEHICLE SHALL HAVE EXTREMELY DARK TAINTED WINDOWS – THAT PRACTICE SHALL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED. The Caribbean needs to create a 10,000 manned army that distributes additional forces across the Caribbean based solely on two factors size and crime level – for example JA & TRINIDAD would each get up to 2,500 trained troops NO MORE ANNOUNCEMENT OF SPECIAL OPERATIONS – WITH THE FLOODING OF POLICE / TROOPS EACH SECTOR SHALL HAVE SPECIAL OPERATIONS DAILY THE CRIMINALS CAN’T RUN & CAN’T HIDE. THE CARIBBEAN ALSO NEEDS TO USE THE AFIS SYSTEM – WHICH STANDS FOR AUTOMATIC FINGER IMAGING SYSTEM TO IDENTIFY THESE CRIMINALS .

  3. Why can’t the JDF provide an immediate police station if ur serious about Crime just pure chatting 😂

  4. The Jamaica Defense Force is quite capable of building a Police Station in one day fully equipped with sanitary facilities and cyber technologies

  5. 🇯🇲 Jamaica laws too soft… The Jamaican government must stop small Gangs from developing big in JA… Too much Gang in Jamaica 💯

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