Cuomo on Central Park 5: Trump is clinging to a proven injustice

CNN's Chris Cuomo discusses President Trump once again declining to apologize when asked about his actions following the Central Park Five incident, insisting that some of the prosecutors believe the lawsuit was mishandled. #CNN #News


  1. It’s never easy to admit when you’re wrong, especially when you’re a flagrant narcissist.

    1. Trump is literally incapable of admitting he is wrong. He lives in his own reality where he is always right and everything else is fake news.

    2. What is exactly is your point? People need to google the name of a victim of a crime that happened decades ago? Probably. Does that make the Central Park Five any less victims? No.

    3. @Robert Clawson
      You’re wrong Criminal Nothingburger Network
      It is easy to say ‘you are wrong’….it requires intelligence to convince me WHY.

    4. @KB Peters You already have confirmation bias which is why you are here. To reinforce the lies you believe. CNN is happy to give you want you want. What you want to believe. You don’t even question the fake news. Even when CNN themselves said you were stupid. CNN said, “We do it for the ratings.” They lied for 3 years with 30 hoaxes and 90% negative spin on Trump. Now CNN is 15th in ratings. 33% of viewers have left. Advertisers are leaving. Buyouts in NYC. Layoffs in London. Reality is Trump has a higher approval rating than Obama according to Gallup on May 7. 9 of 10 Republicans are voting Trump. 20,000 in Orlando for Trump chanting CNN is fake news. CNN cuts the feed. CNN pretends they are not a failure as Zucker promised to quit after the election. The truth is Democrats need to stop making excuses for Clinton. She is a criminal. She is not above the law. She should have gone to trial like everyone else would have and not write a book full of excuses and blame another nation on why she can’t win an election. The Democrats supported building a wall for 50 years. Now with Trump supporting the same thing they are against it. What a bunch of tools.

  2. Trump calls the Mueller report a witch hunt

    and then responds to the Central Park 5, a literal witch hunt and goes “meh.”

    1. @VITALENA G there are literally thousands of injustices to be outraged over yet you choose this so you can attack trump. Shows you don’t actually care about central park 5 but rather use it for political attacks. Sick and you should be ashamed.

    2. well when you look at Mueller’s lead Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann who has committed ethics violations by pushing phony criminal case’s in the past you mite say it was a witch hunt

    3. The Mueller Report was crap. You are comparing two cases of police misconduct. Mueller is calling Misfud a Russian agent when he worked for the FBI and Italian intelligence. Mueller cherry picked by ignoring the Russian dossier, that Clinton bought, which came straight from Putin. It was never verified before it was used to open and illegal spying operation against political opponents. There was no there, there but Mueller went forward anyway, fishing for crimes. Using vague obstruction claims Mueller kept it going for as long as he could until Barr shut his ridiculous farce down.

    1. @Donovan Davis because took out a full page ad against these young men ….defaming their names …affenting the case ….

    2. @Michelle McGuire but it was based on the info that was made available to the public by the nypd. I like how everyone is outraged about it now because everyone hates trump but nobody cared before. Like i said earlier this just goes to show how we’ve been dumbed down. Lets just act off of emotion instead of logic. Lets all just pretend we’ve never prejudge a person or a situation and backtrack on it later. This whole issue being brought up and talked about now is political. That’s it.

    3. @KamekoBruns This from the person that believe that they are “good without God”. Hmmm, you should worry about your own comprehension.

  3. This administration is all about creating the truth. Facts don’t exist in the American universe any more. Sociopaths are winning.

    1. So it is immigration hurting jobs and not automation 🤔 cause that’s what this administrations truth is

    2. Facts are proven in the court of law. Take him to court if you or CNN has the balls. No balls means you are a coward. CNN knows they will lose millions.

    3. Trump and his very best people is fucking his voters so hard … but 🙈🙉🙊
      Oh boy oh boy 🤐🙄🤔😥😴🤯🤪😵

    1. @IK Rico. What does that have to do with my comment? My point is that the Left is actually worse when it comes to owning up to past mistakes. Democrats got lucky in the midterms and don’t stand a chance of taking the white house or the senate in 2020. In fact they will be lucky if they can hold onto the House in 2020.

    2. @David Rook
      David Rook…you can read the future? It’s remarkable you are a regular NostraDumbass. Talk to me of what you know not what you perceive.

    3. @IK Rico. Well it is easy, you dumbasses fulfilled your own stupid prophecies, which makes it easy to predict the future.

    1. tuesday abdullahi actually the topic in this thread is when people show you who they are believe them the first time

    2. @Joseph H. Tower
      That is why the adult rapist confessed or did he fart? His DNA was taken the day of the rape…you think they planted it 10 years later to free these children costing New York millions in law suits? Really???

  4. They didn’t “confess”. They were teens intimidated, threatened and lied to by criminal adults with guns and the power to beat them, and deprive them of food, sleep and life itself.

    1. @citizenxgen an apology from the pos unpresidential traitor in the WH is what the world wants …but that wont happen ….so …forget it …the men got millions …should have been Billions ….more $ than the liar n cheat


    3. Why do we care? Because we are voters. He loves to tout “what he’s done for the ‘blacks’! What done have to lose?” So, if we feel that he doesn’t particularly care about how black people feel when it comes to his past behavior, we will make it known. If you do not believe me, ask Linda Fairstein, and Elizabeth Lederer about their current employment situations. We have more power than you think. And it’s about time we start to use it! Let your voices be heard!

  5. Mahatma Grandi was considered an untouchable and with all he did, he was.unable to reverse racism in India, and in America we have never been able to erase it here. Every event I am told, has a cause, so I believe, that if we exert our energy on the causes we may achieve some comfort and relief.

  6. And just think about how many people are sitting in jail or have been put to death & didn’t do the crime they was found guilty of

    1. @Political Foolishness absolutely and they gained money!! I know who you’re speaking on!! They have nooo conscious

    2. Does #MeToo need proof before destroying someone? Cuba Gooding Jr. is their next target it just so happens theirs a video that clears him. I guess whoever accursed him can go on with their life without being punished, while the damage is already done to him.

    3. Think about how many kids grew up with the temptation of criminal mischief like these 5, but who chose not to play with fire and will never see $5 million in cash, each, for all of the effort they put into their life.

  7. Its life or death every hour of everyday for people of color, whether you broke the law or not.

    1. @aggelos 10 A neanderthal hybrid with clearly lacking capacity for coping with stress, showing empathy, catching rhythm all associable with mental function of primative hominids.

    2. When you emerge from your “SAFE SPACE” kid, don’t go gang banging and you won’t be targeted by the law. PS…….Democrats are the ones who started slavery and the KKK pick up a history book and read it you might learn something,while your hiding in your corner

    1. Wrong is only proven by the court. Why not sue him if you or CNN has the balls? No balls, means you are a coward.

  8. “Wilding” is NOT A THING. The children said they were “wild n’ out” which is just a term for unruly rambunctious fun… the term was misunderstood by the press and perverted

  9. In many ways America is NK.
    Living in a make believe world.
    Nothing outside thier world is real. America is a bubble waiting to burst and it will be a sobering experience for a lot of people.
    Unfortunately the people without power will suffer the most.

  10. @04:10 _Even if they didn’t do this, they didn’t have the past of angels._
    Danish proverb: *Thief thinks everyone else steals.* That’s behind your prejudice Donald. Now stop whining all the time about “witch hunt”, start co-operatoing with investigations in person (not answers your lawyers wrote) & lastly show us the evidence you’ve been hiding including tax-returns.

  11. Just a funny story from Germany. After the Reichstagsbrand in 1933 a Dutch National was executed without prrof.
    Some say he had a troubled youth.
    Now my question: Is Trump comparable to the way Nazis felt about the Judiciary and the Rule of Law?

  12. Racists dont apologize for their racism so why would the racist in charge apologize for his words?!

    1. It’s often been said by many a wise pundit that the race card is the last refuge of the liberal scoundrel.

    2. Racism is no excuse for breaking the law. Most nations will not even allow you to become citizens. None will allow you to do it illegally.

  13. after following the case slowly, there was no DNA evidence AND PHYSICAL evidence. the track marks and the crime scene did not match with the theory that 5 people did but one person did. they convicted solely on illegally induced confessions and nothing else. it will always be a race and class thing because those kids were treated like trash and they will never get their lives back.

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