Mitch McConnell: Obama elected to make up for ‘sin of slavery’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he opposes paying reparations for slavery, arguing "none of us currently living are responsible" for what he called America's "original sin." CNN's Don Lemon discusses with Rev. Robert W. Lee and Vann Newkirk on CNN Tonight. #CNN #News


  1. Funny to hear that from the man whos entire purpose was to hinder Obama at every turn. Very telling.

    1. Struggle gaming,,,,you mean hinder as in like what the demonrats are doing NOW,,,stagnating the children of this country’s future

    2. Yeah and “conservatives” have nothing to do with “stagnating”. What an idiot. Actually republicant’s are moving our children backwards with all of this regressive ideology. Wait till YOUR bible thumping uncle finds out his 13 yr old niece that he raped and impregnated died from trying to give herself a coat hanger abortion out of the desperation of not wanting to carry her uncle baby daddy’s child any longer. Oh and why the coat hanger abortion. Because these same idiotic men made legal and SAFE abortion a thing of the past, you know like critical thinking, scientific fact, evolution, renewable resources, NOT SHITTING WHERE YOU EAT! Morons. All of them. You reap what you sew Kentucky. Now go choke yourselves. WITH YOUR HANDS YOU FUCKING NUMBSKULLS!!

    1. @William H and all the bible fucking and praying you do in your sad life still doesnt make up for you being a despicable person.. cya in hell

    2. @William H seems like you are a closet homo… you appear to like cream on your face.. weirdo hypocrit. sad life indeed

    3. Not as fast as you dems will. Dont worry we might dig your ditch infront of a beach or somewhere nice so you can have a nice last look before being shot

  2. McConnell wife is making her family shipping company money he owes TRUMP. Wow dirty republicans only about themselves

    1. @m77yice killem if you can’t see what she is doing then you are blind, it’s not about taking CNN seriously or not.. it’s about the ties her and Mitch have that are questionable.. look it up…

    1. Time for you to move to his state and run against him, AOC style.
      You want more socialists and Arabs up there? Yeah, that’s their goal.

    2. Yep I want WHITE people farms to all go back to original ownership from 250 years ago up to the end of the death tax where even up to TRUMP the rich were stealing the hard work of many generations of family work .. yep yep yep we all can play this game!

    3. @Rick Ton I have picked up many books .. you are a dumbfuck .. we are all poor u dumb mofo .. only the 1% owned slaves .. just like today as slavery and sex trafficking still going on .. ONLY THE RICH PLAY IN THAT GAME ..only the 1% .. no poor man is buying slaves or screwing children .. only the rich !

    1. CNN knows if you call all the white Racist enough day by day.. eventually you gonna get sick of being called Racist and actually become racist .. that is the goal .. Division and I dont think its a good idea to make 76% of the population racist .. do you ?

    1. So how many slaves were there to give 40 acres and a mule to?also wasnt freetown for the american slaves to call home

    1. smalltownvids it’s easy to say someone blocks progress when we both have different views as to what ‘progress’ exactly is

  3. Watching Mitch McConnell makes me think of “Get Out”, the Jordan Peele film. Racism appears in scary ways.

  4. Mitch McConnell… “a man who has never taken a good picture in his entire life” – Martin Short

    1. Coming from Martin Short?!?!?!?!? DITTO


  5. The man is a bastard.. can you imagine the nonsense he’s just said.. reparations aside , really? Same Obama he kept blocking and won’t even give a hearing for the Supreme Court justice .

  6. Prune face’s take on reperations.
    Contradicts himself in the same statement.
    “No one living today is responsible for what occured back then. On the other hand we compensated for OUR SINS by electing a black president”.

  7. “All right. Then don’t bring up Jesus to me. As long as we’re talking about shelf life.”
    Bill Hicks

  8. Mcconnell’s wife, who is the Secretary of Transportation, diverted funds to Kentucky’s infrastructure to help her husband’s campaign. Needs to be investigated.

    1. @Geo Vani It’s because all people care about in this country are themselves. The mantra of the US is “every man for himself” and you see this prevalent in almost every sector of our society. Rarely are there those who are care for others

  9. Obama isn’t a descendant of slavery. Obama isn’t a part of this issue. Everyone knows this common knowledge.

  10. Then you blocked everything he tried to accomplish, including telling about Russian election interference

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Thank you Mr. White man for electing Mr. Obama but you voted against Obama tell me the Devil ain’t crazy in the words of Lil Stewie on Family Guy I smell death on you.😆😆😆

    2. @John Carosi do not feed the troll this guy’s youtube channel is set up to troll if you don’t feed him he will have to go away he is ineffective


  11. “I don’t think reparations for something that happened 5 seconds ago is responsible” — Mitch McConnell’s great-grandpa 5 seconds after slavery was abolished

  12. I cannot wait for him to be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE because he’s BLOCKED good things from us to do the BIDDING of his DONORS the message that he’s giving us is ONE GIANT MIDDLE FINGER

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