Saudi Arabia behind Khashoggi’s ‘deliberate, premeditated execution,’ report says

Saudi Arabia was responsible for the "deliberate, premeditated execution" of Jamal Khashoggi, according to the first independent investigation into the journalist's death. CNN has reached out to the Saudi government for a response to the released report.


    1. Well said tRump is basically saying oh it’s okay to lie cheat steal kill and love Dictators.Pay attention vote 2020.✌

    1. the world knows that america and its protegee killed kashoggi, so who is willing to defy america?

  1. Remember when Obama won his last election and 3 years later his supporters were still obsessed with Romney?
    Me neither….

    1. Darren Anderson you keep crying on that assertion. Spoken like a true sore loser- blame everyone but yourself and call your opponent a cheat when your side couldn’t even win by cheating. “By any mean necessary”- right? So very hypocritical

    2. @Scientific Methodology Trump, himself, was saying the presidential election was rigged while he was running. After he won, did he continue to say the elections were rigged? Trump will say anything, just like a sociopath and like a sociopath, Trump is laughing at the american people for their ignorance and gullibility. All the while, lining the pockets of the richest 1%. Trump is laughing at you!

    3. @Akela DeWolf ~ It’s deeply embarrassing when Trumpers use Obama whataboutism’s…

      How the hell did Obama get away with so much, that hardly anyone knew about it, till Trump does the same thing, and then the Democrat are outraged, with Trumps actions?

  2. Two things we know for sure; MBS ordered the killing of Khashoggi. And there will be no sanctions for MBS. At least not when captain bone spurs is still in power.

  3. So you mean to tell me with All the Corruption here in America, We as the people of this Nation are Outraged by this killing.
    No We are Not…. #TravonMartin #SandraBland and the list goes on SMH.

    1. No one feels sorry for black people, they kill each other by the hundreds daily and cry when a white cop shoots one for pulling a gun. Stop being theives and robbers and ya won;t get shot.

  4. Please do not underestimate Russia’s new friendship with Saudi Arabia as a back drop for the Iran conflict . . .

    1. You Russia obsessed people are truly demented. Just replace Russia with Israel and you’d actually have something.

  5. We didn’t need any further report, Trump and Pompeo told us already in their denial that MBS had anything to do w/ this horrific murder.

  6. Class Conditioned Public indifference to Kashoggi death and Assange silencing is great backstep to civil liberties and transparency of this gen.

  7. MBS is just the leader of a family of criminals ,they are a very evil mafia family , they are allowed to take over a country and plunder it , they are sewer rats .

  8. You believe your intelligence agency when it comes to Iran, but not Russia or Saudi Arabia?

  9. Saudi Wahhabi’s are a scourge upon the Earth. They were the financiers & planners of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack. The next day after 9/11 Bush had his Saudi Wahhabi friends whisked out of Washington back to Wahhabistan/Saudi Arabia.

    1. @Based Haole
      Israel is an American ally and they do not throw homosexuals off of buildings. And some of the greatest inventions of the 20th and 21st centuries were by Israel whereas the Saudis have contributed nothing to mankind! Israelis also do not behead women!

  10. The United Nations is not a neutral source. I doubt that any accusations will be viewed as evidence. We think he did it? Good Luck.

  11. Good thing Trump’s not a tyrant, imagine what would happen to all the journalists attacking him for the past 3 years…

  12. What?! You mean to tell me the head chopping, minor excuting, freedom suppressing government of Saudi killed someone who disagrees with them no I refuse to believe this its just propaganda 🙄

  13. trump already sanctioned the crown prince…he transferred our nuclear technology to them 2 weeks after bone saw did his dirty deed….
    the saudis have hopes to develop warheads to mount on the chinese ballistic missiles they have bought.

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