Dallas photographer took this chilling photo moments before shooting

CNN's Dianne Gallagher reports on Dallas Morning News photographer Tom Fox, who captured a photo of the suspected gunman just before shots were fired at a federal building in Dallas.


  1. Props to Tom for “shooting” the gunman before the gunman got the chance to shoot him.🖖🏻

  2. Maga terrorists support law enforcement so passionately they keep running into their bullets 😁

    1. Biggus Dickus. K. A. G. Safe to say 40% of soldiers are dumbocrats! Until you get a pic of his voter card saying repub please STFU 😁

    2. Biggus Dickus apparently you failed to read page 17 of the report while simultaneously ignoring the fact that Trump’s opponent paid $12 million to Russians for dirt, which is actual collusion.

    3. @Bryan McDohl LMFAOOOOO

      It’s clear which of you haven’t had anything past a middle school education. You are Exhibit A.

  3. What are we going to do about all these shooting? Nothing ….he was white!
    It’s crazy how this keeps happening…. while certain innocent ppl are being harassed. Police called on for existing.

    No one ever looks at these white guys…. Waving guns, making threats….or notice anything strange.?
    Before they go shoot innocent ppl. 🤔 I think y’all watching the wrong group of ppl a little too closely.

    1. “while certain innocent ppl are being harassed.”
      You mean like the millions of law-abiding Trump voters that are smeared as extremists?

    2. Dr Zaius hahaha you are a joke! if the shooters aren’t 100% white they are 50% white…most of the men that pop up in the news for mass shooting are white.

  4. Without glorifying the shooter of course, I think the photo is brilliant for what it’s worth. A picture is worth 1,000+ words. I love the symbolism with both men basically shooting at each other with very different intentions and carrying different symbols. It almost reminds me of those quick draw shooting scenes from old western movies, a modern contrast. I’m glad the shooter wasn’t able to harm anyone.

    1. Oh he absolutely harmed a lot of people. He robbed hundreds around there of security. He gave dozens PTSD that they will need medicine and therapy for the rest of their lives. It will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars over all their lifetime. Terror is the root word for a reason. Home grown or not.

    2. Baby Jane yeah and it’s really kinda strange that the photographer was there right BEFORE he started shooting

      How people don’t see this as immediately suspicious is a reflection of how massive stupid most people are

  5. PTSD is a serious illness that should probably be addressed. If people address serious mental problems early things like this probably wouldn’t happen

  6. I kind of hope it wasn’t politically motivated because Washington will do pretty much nothing about it besides use it as a way to make political gains, but if this is a vet that’s become screwed up in the head looking for suicide by cop then at least for a short time it’ll bring more attention to vets needing more mental healthcare.

  7. Hired Merc! to create intimidation in the town

  8. This shooter pic looks intentionally look not stupid make his shoot crime disappear very placed payed secretly assignment for to shoot someone has prepared him to well hmm ‘ I gues 100.000- 500.ooo $

  9. Looks to me as they have videos and pictures already and the guy is dead. What help do they need. Can’t they do their jobs themselves. That’s what we pay them for

  10. Too bad you were shooting film. If you’d had a weapon yourself you might have contributed to saving lives.

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