Democrats take new step toward impeachment

House Democrats took a major step forward in their legal fight against President Donald Trump with the House Judiciary Committee moving to obtain the secret grand jury material from special counsel Robert Mueller's report in federal court, arguing they need the information in order to decide whether to impeach President Donald Trump.
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    1. Why are you seeing inhalers here? I see the same people all the time coming on at CNN post talkingshit about CNN and the other media and then leave. It makes you look stupid you are stupid for hating something and coming back time and time and time again to it

    2. @Ryan bulshit I am on here all the time I don’t mind saying that I never see anything at the bottom like that why don’t you write Google letter and tell him to stop being against Trump

    3. @Joshua Jennings see I’m kind of wondering why you think you know more than Mueller does. Most of you just think you know more than lawyers in the Supreme Court. You don’t know more than him not even close. So your opinions do not ride

    4. @Benito Sotelo you tell me how you know he’s not? I’m pretty sure you have nothing to do with the process so keep your mouth shut when and if it happens

    5. Pamela Wiles I watched both of his testimonies. Mueller said he didn’t know over 100 times. He was lost and confused.

    1. @HORNET1 yeah I talked never is why? He never lies why? Ski never goes to Rally’s and incites violence and send her back and all that kind of s*** does he. You want to thank to send her back for whatever else do you think this makes America look good for people to be saying s*** like that in a while she’s in Congress have some f****** respect

    1. America has always been a mess. If it were not, we’d be in trouble. We’d have the order that comes with tyranny.

    1. @shirley smith I wouldn’t run there is nowhere for Americans to run. We have no choice but to stay and fight. That’s why we dont let the bleeding hearts take our guns. Not only for our protection but for all Americans protection so things like that dont happen in our country.

    2. @South London Metal Detector great more debt and deficit. Cut taxes and spend more . Russia Thanks you ….. for the victory. You American idiot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    3. @Pamela Wiles They do American jobs and get paid for their services buts thats not building this country only making jobless or low paid Americans. Dont cost? We just sent 40 billion dollars to feed cloth and house them.

    1. @Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot Yeah impeached by the house…without the Senate, he is STILL THE PRESIDENT.

    2. @JTStill423 Still I’ve never heard of them doing and impeachment inquiry before so how have they killed impeachment three times I’ve never seen it be brought up

    3. @Zach Burskey just because you say it didn’t happen that holds no weight. All of you always think you’re right you say it like you know everything you know more than the Constitution you know more than the Supreme Court you know more than everybody you know more than Mueller does

  1. Just when I think my life is chaotic, I watch some news and then I feel like my life’s in order 😂

    1. Pamela Wiles do all you clowns think anyone who disagrees with you is part of this Russia hoax against the president?? Damn, you sound ignorant or just have not turned on any other news source since 2016

    1. @Turnible Spencer yet our economy is stronger than ever. Lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. Lower trade deficit. Despite what msm would have you believe America is doing really well. Why do you think we have time to argue on line.

    2. @Sean Mitchell f*** you. I served this comfy you’re not even going to insinuate that I go anywhere else. I’m pretty sure you’re a big bone spurs kind of guy never put your life on the line for anybody.

    1. Exactly,i want them to go for it just for laughs but i don’t think it can make them look any dumber.

    1. @J walsh
      Don’t worry.That’s not possible. Regressives only ruin Democrats.
      Keep it up, geniuses.

    2. @vrnc M the Democrats have the house so I’m pretty sure he’s going to be impeached you need to rein it back a little bit buddy because sooner or later Trump’s going down

  2. Bill Barr will never willingly hand over Robert Mueller’s evidence.

    Without control of the senate, Barr won’t have to.

    Lies are now fully legal.

    1. You fn dunce, the Demscum are going down. The entire dossier was a sham you dunce, the fisa warrants illegal. The democrat party is fn toast. Lol.

    1. 10th time they tried for impeachment cause they just don’t like him? Guess trying to make the country better is a crime.

    2. PrussianZwei When your a fat ulgy little Toad like Nadler or a total loser like Eric swallow well or a babbling fool like pelosie what else can you do in life.

    3. @PrussianZwei I want your proof of that many send me a link please nobody has ever researched bringing up impeachment nor have they started so please tell me what you’re talkin about

  3. One step forward ? exactly how long is the journey ? you know sun will go nova in 5biljon years….

  4. Isn’t a dossier (Steele) with information from Russians that is used to affect the election something that Mueller should have looked into?

    1. Can you repeat the question? Oh wait, I am not going to get into that. It is not in my purview. LMAO!
      Vote Trump 2020 & KAG!

  5. I am not a conspiracy theorist but why is CNN actually trying to keep Trump in the white house with this farce, the man is their best material for decades maybe?

    1. Truth not opinion because they no trump will not be impeached, there is now way that they can get it through a heavily controlled republican senate and they even did a impeachment bill earlier and it didn’t even make it out of the house around 320 said no. They pretty much just don’t want Bernie Sanders, that’s there only real bias, also they are definitely not right wing bias, they are just smart and know that the longer this goes on the more money they get.

    2. @Sultru213 Hmm the house is run by the Democrats. That means the Democrats can impeach him. Why do you keep on saying no. You know you know the house is all Democrats and the house is the only one who impeaches the Senate has nothing to do with impeachment. Do some research

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