Pelosi describes meeting with AOC to ‘clear the air’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) discussed her meeting with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) following disagreements over whether to begin the impeachment process against President Donald Trump.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) says the House Judiciary Committee is moving to obtain the secret grand jury material from special counsel Robert Mueller's report in federal court, arguing they need the information in order to decide whether to impeach the President.
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    1. foreigner fan

      And now McGahn will testify for a couple of hours in public and under oath.

      I’m sure the House Committee will get him a nice cup of coffee for the chat.

      Cheers from Kitchener-Waterloo! 🇨🇦

    2. @Bird Man because the Democrats are lying duh the entire sham of an investigation was a lie. When the Bob the mole mueller doesn’t even know what’s in his own report that pretty much says it all.

    3. @Brandon Blake no we’re here just to see how terrible CNN is and to correct their lies with facts, and to report what CNN refuses to do instead of brainwashing all you fools that watch this garbage from the corrupt lying treasonous media.
      Plus it’s fun to smack all you liberals down with the truth and actual facts and to watch you morons go off all unhinged with your TDS 🤭🤣

    1. Sonia C ..Aaayeah Democrats are bold of Courage all right..Bold of Courage at causing Coas and Rebellion😂

  1. How is what theyre doing any different than Articles done one day after the elections. Theyre insane.

    1. What are “Articles done one day after the elections?” You Russians really need to work on your communication skills.

    2. @PS Wright Maybe if you Stepped out of your LEFTARDIC ECHO CHAMBER, and scrubbed the SPOOGE out of your EYES, you would be able to see that ARTICLES of IMPEACHMENT were brought by that CHINKY-EYED PLANTATION NlGRO named AL GREEN…

    3. @YouWillbe Mocked maybe if you had half a brain, you’d realize that didn’t happen one day after the election.

  2. I love how Nadler and Pelosi says Trump commited crimes in plain sight but has to wait for solid evidence to start impeachment does that make any fukn sense ?

    1. @dre day 24360 Everyone who watches CNN might believe.Trump is a crook,despite evidence or proof
      I cant blame you ,because you have been told thousands of times,repetition has fried your brain.

    2. Yes it does. Overwhelming circumstantial evidence has been used countless times to put criminals behind bars. They’re just making sure they have the smoking gun which they now do. Brilliantly played Democrats!

  3. Well Nancy, if you say it has been proven Trump has obstructed justice then why don’t you impeach? What was the 2 year investigation about?

    1. @Nanda Righty actually after reading what I wrote, thats exactly what I said. I don’t think you read my comment currently.

    1. Sonia C are you that dumb? Hillary deleted whole email so fbi can’t see all of it.

      FBI admitted that Hillary used reckless/nation security at first then changed their story.

      We aren’t dumb and that’s why Trump won. Evidences right there and why Hillary deleted all emails?
      To protect herself.

    1. @Ryan you couldn’t be more wrong and have you already forgotten it was because of Nancy the Democrats lost the House last time . And it was because of candidates like AOC that she got it back and now because of Nancy she will lose it AGAIN

    2. @Ryan the problem is not Trump’s base, (they are already fired up!)
      but the democratic base, _this_ corporate Dems _just can’t_ lit a spark, AOC on the other hand CAN

      Why did you think we hear so much about her.

      She has the democratic youth in the palm of her hand

  4. Face it, Trump doesn’t deserve impeachment and even Pelosi knows it. Deal with it !
    Please, move on.

    1. I CANNOT stand Trump. However, impeachment is a waste of time. Focus on other issues to help the American people. Get out the vote in 2020.

    2. According with who? You, I believe he does. Why your point of you is more valuable than mine. Go somewhere else.

    3. LE S no you idiot her “opinion” isn’t more important then yours, FACTS ARE. Mueller has stated himself that at this time they do not have sufficient evidence to convict trump of anything, and that the report doesn’t indicate/prove any of the claims made as of now. Go ahead reply say whatever the hell you wish, but make sure it’s with FACTS not “oh you disagree with me even though there no proof after multiple investigations on the president? You are an idiot because I don’t like him.” Hypocritical lib .

    4. @Random High Guy here’s the thing. Mueller’s report was damning. But Mueller gave into the DoJ “memo” that a sitting Pres can’t be indicted. That’s why impeachment is a waste of time. Dems need to use this time to get things done for the country. He can be indicted after he’s voted out.

    1. i can see how you would think that, youre using the same flawed thinking as most trump supporters use. im watching the usa rip its self apart, and your LOLing thinking its some sports event. anyway, its about time usa gets what it deserves with trump, i hope your kind get what you deserve, and everyday, i can thankfully say “thank zeus im not an american”

    2. @Adam Briceland That’s really sad if it’s true that the 2018 mid terms was the best win for the Dems since Watergate. The Dems only picked up 41 seats in the House and the Reps actually gained 2 seats in the Senate. It had been predicted that there was going to be a blue wave. The Dems were supposed to have taken the Senate as well. The 2018 mid-terms were more reminiscent of the 2016 election.

    3. @143freespeech nobuts voter suppression in Florida and Georgia was a big problem not to mention in Texas with flipping the beto votes to cruz…and also dan mccready being cheated in north Carolina…smh

    4. Trump will never be impeached The white dragon society will not allow it Now Boris is in the UK and soon our new economic system wil be implemented in the world resistance to the Lord’s will is futile our day is coming my people go forward and conquer we have the dominion we will rule the world

  5. As I’ve been saying for sometime now, Pelosi has got to go. She’s been there for too long and not unlike, McConnell and trump and numerous others, she’s addicted to power.

    1. Yes! Impeach the old hag. She has completely sabotaged the Democrats. Investigate her money sources.

    1. And of course we all notice that all of the communist democrats and FAKE NEWS like cnn & MSNBC, they all get together and vomit out their treasonous lies in ‘lock step’. If you heard one lying communist turd, you’ve heard them all. The only difference is which lying communist mouth does it get puked out of. Just when lemon or cooper does it, it smells like cum

    2. FOX news is the FAKE NEWS ! Fox promotes Trumps Lies !!! Republicans in the Senate are the biggest brown nosing people ! They are elbow deep in Trump !!!

    3. Mark- I’m surprised that cnn is evrn on cable any more. They are loosing viewers by the millions!

    4. @C D well first of all on fox News. Certain shows say they are “opinion” shows. And second fox News hasn’t had epic failed stories like cnn has over the last couple of years. If you just watch fox news for a week during prime time you will see that. But neither cnn nor fix news cover several stories on a world scale that are way bigger than Donald Trump. So in certain aspects fox News is bad also!

    1. @DAWGZofWAR You mean by lying with every word she stutters. So much kool aid. Let me guess, government education.

    2. Look at these women, it’s a panel of feminist. the anchor looks like a bulldog with blonde pretty hair.

    1. Those are not trolls, those are honest genuine people. The pro CNN posts are mainly done by trolls, fake accounts. Check them out..

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