1. 600,000 American covid deaths at least 300,000 due to Donald tRumps negligent & maniacal incompetence & low IQ ignorance.

    2. Biden: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” Slow Joe is a Fraudulent President.

  1. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election.

    1. Daily reminder: Telling a lie over and over again does not make it the truth, but you learned well from your role model Goering.

  2. “The GOP is the most dangerous criminal organization in the history of civilized humanity” Noam Chomsky 2015

  3. The hypocrisy is insane with them Texan politicians. Does everyone know that Abbot gets a yearly settlement and quarterly payments from insurance company that pays him for life after a tree fell on him and caused his injury? Yet he voted to end the exact law that enabled that for others, aka ending payment for life on injuries in settlements. What an evil person.

  4. Any law that involves our constitutional rights should be voted on by the people, directly. Not through our representatives.

  5. Texas is still “Remembering the Alamo”! Where they lost. Big time! Reread the history outside of Texas school books.

    1. They lost the battle, not the war, no one was taught any differently. Its a story of resilience and courage in the face of overwhelming odds. You really need to shut up.

    2. @maria schultz No. It was about manifest destiny and the rights of rich cattle ranchers and miners. Please read! All of it!

    1. not only that but the bible is clearly PRO abortion as long as a man even THINKS his wife was unfaithful. Numbers 5:11-30.

  6. You cannot let a government control/own your body in the pursuit of happiness for another individual. Should we force men or imprison them if they refuse to undergo a medical procedure that would save a child who would otherwise die? It doesn’t matter what you believe is the right or wrong thing to do the government cannot “own” an individual even to pursue the happiness of another individual. It flies in the face of personal liberty and is irrelevant whether life begins at conception or not. It’s unconstitutional, immoral and authoritarian.

  7. Report every MAN not paying child support and give mama the 10K. And sue Abbott and the Taliban for child support and care .

    1. Lol….You know how full the jail would be? Because most wouldnt be able to pay it. And most of the dead beats are in the hood. You obviously havent thought this one out

  8. That’s all well and good of Garland standing up for Womens right, but why hasn’t he given a press release about suing Trump, Mo Brooks, Rudy, MTG, Lauren Boebert and Don Jr for inciting the Jan 6th insurrection and causing damage to the Capitol? And why hasn’t he said anything about indicting Trump, Mo Brooks, Rudy, MTG, Lauren Boebert and Don Jr?

    Don’t protect one issue and not the other.

    1. Suing Texas for banning abortions after six weeks is not standing up for women’s rights in the slightest…..
      Oh, you believe the lies about January 6th… No wonder you think killing unborn children is a woman’s right…🤦

  9. When is the DOJ going to go after Trump ? Or is Merrick Garland too busy counting his payoff from the Republicans?

  10. Texas just showed the way to get gun control legislation passed. Give individuals the right to sue gun manufacturers for people using or brandishing guns in public. Bounties for guns.

  11. People in the Far Future will be having a good laugh when there read there History Books about the year 2016 to 2022. Wondering how we manger to hold our government together?

  12. So *_that’s_* what Garland looks like when he objects to something.
    Glad to see it, but I wish he also objected to white-supremacist terrorism, anti-American sedition, the _(rampant)_ abuse of office to subvert American democracy, and obstructing Americans’ access to their right to vote. You know?

  13. This is all a distraction to avoid talking about the most inept administration in US history. Slow Joe needs to RESIGN.

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