Donald Trump already has an excuse if he loses in 2020

Donald Trump doesn’t like to lose. In fact, his career as a businessman and president is marked with a refusal to acknowledge when he has come up short. So when it comes to the 2020 race, he already has his talking points ready. #CNN #News #Cillizza #Trump

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  1. Hi. Chris here — Donald Trump has been running for the 2020 election since 2017. Do you think he’s worried about this re-election chances as 2020 draws closer?

    1. You’re a dumbass to think that there’s anyone on this planet that could beat Trump in 2020 what a dumbass

    2. Nah, you guys are making it easy for him. In this day of free information, which you guys and social media are seeking to censor and manipulate, the majority of Americans are waking up and seeing the lies, twisted false narratives and nature of what the left has become. Appreciate the effort!😄👍

    1. Steve Blair @ Steve. Breaking News CNN will not report today :
      “Wage Growth Exceeded 3 Percent for 10th Straight Month in May”
      Over the year, average hourly earnings have increased by 3.1%
      The unemployment rate fell to a 49-year low at 3.6% in April and maintained it in May.
      Hispanic unemployment fell back to an all-time record low at 4.2%.
      The U.S. economy is averaging 164,000 additional jobs per month for 2019…TRUMP IS

    2. @Tucker Carlson Im glad you notice you are just another ignorant supporter. I work 40 hours a week own my home, car, raising my kids, served this country. I think I shot down every stereotype you got about all black people 😭.

    1. P J

      Probation in NYC. No cab or limo rides. The gold stripped from his water closet. Then, he will wish for death.

    2. Why are you always trying to humiliate the security services of your country ? You play the same games as your politicians, but your life with the life of a politician is almost incommensurable. You do not have cheap Internet, no water and healthy food. They will be the first to mobilize you into the army and send you to the front line. You all the same shout any unclear slogans and shout that your electoral system doesn’t work. Your inferiority, already tired of all. Each of you should be handcuffed and userflow-shirt, so to get you to the polls under the strict control of each person.

    3. @P J
      What do you think ?

      Brought the country to a handle, the person has to ask me now, the friend I or the enemy.

    1. @themadrapper101 Lol and a d… the size of a mushroom. No wonder Melania doesn`t share bed with him.

    1. @J. Noble Police, fire and military are funded by our tax dollars, idiot. Tax dollars that are generated from private enterprise. Most tax payers work in the private sector, not public

  2. Thunderstorms are in the weather forecast today. Trump might be struck by lightning. So, there’s that.

    1. @themadrapper101 You wrote: Who won the popular vote in 30 States??
      Is this a trick question- I will bite, because I am curious how you may twist the facts
      Clinton received 2.9 million more popular votes. This number was the largest raw total among candidates who did not win the presidency since 1876.

    2. 1st your electoral system is deeply flawed and easily manipulated 2nd he outright cheated with outside help from putin he is a total loser

    3. Hillary had a 3 million lead in California. That’s where her popular vote came from. In no other state did she lead by that much… So California should call every election?? Trump was winning the popular vote until they got to counting California. Take California out of the equation then who wins the popular vote??

    1. MrsMac Actually it’s not just the same audiences at his rally’s as much as you wish that. The Democrats are pushing more people to his rally’s

    2. @Trump 2020 Uh, there was no crowd!! WE HAVE TECHNOLOGY NOW, WE SEE THINGS IN REAL TIME!!!! YOU SAID HE SOLD 200,000 TICKETS THERE WAS LESS THAN 100,000……34% THAT’S ALL YOU ARE 34%

    3. @Tucker Carlson There are 360 million Black People alone….you need a math class!!! The 6 Blacks voting for him will NOT do it!! Now count EVERY other person that is NOT a Crakka!! Loser

    1. +janewright315
      Where did you hear that? Any truth to it? Interesting if rumored to be true. Very interesting if proven! Any info on that?

    2. @StheH4x0r OK, I might give you W. I would personally put Obama in the middle of the pack.
      Honest question though , how do you think Obama worse than Trump?

  3. Trump as multiple “club champion” winner.
    EVERY TIME a new golf club opened Trump had a tournament in which he was the ONLY person playing. He still managed to win somehow.

    1. No tell me it isn’t true about his golf cheating. Sure maybe he disembles a little bit but golf is a game of personal honor. It’s fundamentally a series of moments of solitary truth.
      So it’s not possible that he’s a cheat.
      Let just ask him.

    1. @Aldof Aldo Whose Joe Baden??? Is he running, so many can’t keep up??? Obama, Obama, Your Mamma…..Get a Life!! Obama has one, a good one at that–you should try it!!!

    2. @Carrie U can’t ever compare obama with trump .. Trump is far better . the margin is too much to compare… don’t worry we c 2020… Expecting Karmara to win ..i guess that should b in a dream..

  4. Of course he will claim rigging and illegals voting. He always voice what he is doing by blaming others. He is the most corrupt and dishonest man in the country with Mitch McConnell and Pence a close second and third.

    1. +Eloise Hall
      He’s managed to pick up a lot of dirt along the way….Miller/Zombie-corpse Conway/his two sons/Jim Jordan/Creepymannikinhead-Gaetz/Graham and innumerable other soulsuckers. All crawling and clutching for a role in the Great American Dictatorship. Effin’ nutty place this country has become. The nasties we hoped didn’t exist are out of the closet and brazen as hell about it. To a degree we didn’t think COULD exist.

    2. The clip is incomplete. He will also claim the democrats rigged the election. He has been saying this about the 2016 election for years now, and also saying it about the 2020 election, too. It is projection on Trump’s part. Everything he says is fake so he calls the media “fake” news. He and Putin rigged the 2016 election, and will rig the 2020 election, using facebook and other electronic mass media to spread fear mongering; so he accuses the dems of rigging elections. He lies and everything he accuses others of doing he is the one doing those things. Lock him up! a traitor (notice how Trump cultists always call their political opponents traitors) and crook (notice how he always called Hillary a crook . . . .) IMPEACH!!!!

    3. @bill jones Keep dreaming.-Another four years of Trump/Pence and you’ll probably lose your right to vote. Don’t forget that you Tangerine God has openly stated his admiration for China’s leader for life. And he continues to gush over Russia’s leader for life. – Oh, and let’s not leave out his greatest crush, Kim of Korea … gosh, another leader for life.

  5. A person wiser than me taught me: no matter the age children blame and make excuses, adults take responsibility and find solutions.

    1. Remind us who held the presidency, congress and senate and all they got done was blow up the deficit and lose in the worst defeat since Nixon

    2. @Zero Cool Well there is always the Government shut down way back in Dec over his little vanity wall B.S. BTW when is Mexico going to pay for it?

  6. I wish Trump’s bone spurs would migrate to his fingers so that he couldn’t tweet anymore. He is America’s embarrassment….

    1. Hello Bruce. Are you crying again today? This will really upset you then…
      Breaking News CNN will not report today :
      “Wage Growth Exceeded 3 Percent for 10th Straight Month in May”
      Over the year, average hourly earnings have increased by 3.1%
      The unemployment rate fell to a 49-year low at 3.6% in April and maintained it in May.
      Hispanic unemployment fell back to an all-time record low at 4.2%.
      The U.S. economy is averaging 164,000 additional jobs per month for 2019…TRUMP IS

  7. It doesn’t matter who he tries to blame when it’s time for him to go he has to GTFO….going down as the worst POTUS in American history….past…present & future

  8. I hope all military personnel take a knee during the National Anthem in protest of being used as a political prop…

    1. You, are a special kind of stupid. How did you even message to type that statement out?

    1. @cyanleopard wow you have lost your mind. For one, social media is 100% meddling in the election for the Democratic party. For two, the only way there will be a civil war is if the Dems win and start attempting to take away are constitutional rights. So Trump is not wrong in what he is saying…the media has been out to get him since the beginning of his run. Only difference is in 2016 they didn’t believe he could ever win. Now they know he can. They will continue to smear him with fake news and hypothetical fear mongering. They still somehow don’t realize that it is only making him stronger. I didn’t vote for him in 2016, but I’m MAGA 2020 all the way , unless the Democratic party makes some drastic changes.

    2. @Anonymous Person You’d better HOPE he does, – You’ll have Abrams Tanks on Main St USA … EVERYDAY! Washington became Red Square on the 4th, – Enjoy your future!

    3. @Naomi Frederick And on the 4th, Trump had you looking like COMMUNISTS … No wonder he’s SO IN LOVE with the Little Rocket Man! Tanks, Planes … next it will be goose-stepping soldiers.

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