1. She handled that interview with class.. Good job.. When they go low…. Good for you!!❤

  2. “I refuse to respect a man that warrants no respect.” Well said. You’re doing a great job of representing ALL Americans, the best of the sport, and are excellent role models! Go USA women!

    1. LOL this from a soccer team that SHOWBOATS on the 8th goal against lowly Thailand. Ya they know all about respect.

    1. @Derrick Landers sure, anything could be. but I didn’t start the bogus “trump university”

    2. @andrew chambers “wether”? LOL. go back to school, kid. and NOT trump university… though he would probably tell you it’s still around just to get your money.

    3. @andrew chambers A 15-16 year old boys soccer team is gonna run a soccer camp on these female soccer players if they keep running their mouths.

    1. Germanic, Beautiful, Smart and Athletic. Everything those loser Incel alt right Trump worshipping losers could ever dream of.

      Too bad for them she hates their ilk.

  3. U go ladies do u r thing. CONGRATS on all u have done. And about to do. Thank u for having principles and sticking to them.

    1. @Kevin Trump is the last president to use the “he doesn’t care about you” argument as he has engaged in the most trivial poo flinging with pretty much any one who criticizes him. He has one of the thinnest skins on the planet and he would tweet storm a 5 year old kid if that kid said something bad about him. That’s just the type of person he is.

    2. ​@Kevin
      He does care. When Megan said that she refused to meet Trump went off on a twitter tantrum. I bet the souls of my family that Trump loses it via twitter when the US women’s team wind and voices their disgust with Trump.

      Trump is extremely thin-skinned anytime someone slashes him he goes off on a twitter rage.

    3. JUST TIED Then I guess half of New York City’s so-called elite was ignorant and not respectable as well? Loser.

  4. Huge respect for Ali Krieger. Brave, articulate, standing up for her principles against that vile misogynistic bully. I’m really impressed.

  5. Donald Trump has continuously disrespected and demeaned women in some of the most barbaric ways possible. This woman deserves our respect. She’s the true definition of an American patriot. 🇺🇸❤️

    1. I know right. The bill of rights and Constitution is bad. We need a new communist America where all of the DNC can be free

    2. @Patriot Games : What you will get is true corporate fascism delivered by the walking scum that is Mitch McConnell and the GOP and fronted by the Fat Orange Liar In Chief, and then you’ll blame someone else for the results…because anyone who supports Trump is a lying moron.

    3. The GOP only exist to try to suck money from the 1 percents d#ck 24/7 anymore, so that’s as close to patriotism as they’re gonna get. They used to stand for good morals, dont know what the hell happened to end up where they are now. This is rockstar idol equivalent of puking in the gutter wondering where it all went wrong.

    1. nah they’re self righteous bitches. These broads always end up the same.way. Bent over begging for it.

    2. @Rick Gross Bright and successful women are self-righteous bitches? Who fucked his sister to make you?

  6. “I refuse to respect a man that warrants no respect.” Perfectly said!!! 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤

  7. We the American Patriots also refuse to respect a traitor and RUssian puPPet (don the CON Trumpanzee)

  8. Who CAN respect Trump? Seriously, he has turned our beacon of light to a very dark place. These ladies represent this country with honor and dignity.
    Trump, not so much.

    1. As if anything has changed in the last couple years. If its a dark place now, its always been a dark place.

  9. Her mention of former President Obama’s tweet will undoubtedly get under Trump’s skin. And *I love it!* 😂😂

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