1. Trump courted the votes of the religious right and the right of center
    voters. Trump is now flip flopping his way back to the center.

  2. I agree we should unite. There’s been enough disunity in this country. The
    birth of our savior is coming up. What a better time to become a United
    Country. Let’s make 2017 into a really Happy New Year !!!!

  3. Global Unity or let Hillary out of jail unity?? He’s begun the ‘sell out’
    people. We’re out of the frying pan and into the fire. I just thought he
    would last a little longer. The Clinton’s, the Bush family( the 9/11 gang),
    Soros the riot Don, and so many others, have been given the get out of jail
    free card for the sake of moving the country forward. Your a fucking liar
    Mr. Trump!! Not true! The above criminals will be back worse than ever
    trying their level best to destroy America and Canada. What happens if you
    release a pyromaniac into the community?? Do you think his fire starting
    days are over?? I’m going to another video of Matt Lee listening to more
    lies from the State Department. Just can’t get enough.

  4. CNN: These are Hillary’s puppets, what do you expect to hear out of them.
    If he did even half of what he talked about, we are better off.

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