Donald Trump Working Hard on Thanksgiving! 11/24/16

Donald Trump Working Hard on Thanksgiving! 11/24/16

President Elect Donald Trump is working hard at "Making America Great Again" on Thanksgiving day – November 24, 2016


  1. 35% or more ought to do it! Remember, it’s always about the money with
    those people and nothing else. Only shareholders, not you. Hit them in
    pocket book hard! Thats the only thing they understand.

  2. I sure hope D Trump don’t turn out to be a Dam Chump. One reason I voted
    for him is that he said Hillary is going to jail….

    1. The President doesn’t have anything to do with the investigation of the
      Clinton’s. The FBI investigates, AG Sessions appoints a Grand Jury, Grand
      Jury issues subpoena, search warrants, FBI brings evidence to AG, AG
      indicts. I know Obama has been running a Banana Republic and a corrupt
      legal system but that is not the way it is suppose to work. Sessions is a
      constitutionalist and believes in the rule of law. If the Clinton’s are
      guilty, and we all know they are, they will go to jail. It is not Trumps
      job to lock people up.

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