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  1. Mitten fi expect from hog but a grunt. I heard someone saying that give you folks 9 days and you all will forget

  2. I stood at bus stop for three hours? when I look at how the country bruckdowm I am so ashamed of this government, I remember coming to portmore1985 to live, and the conditions of transportation was bad, I see where it gone back , instead of going forward , it’s a backwardness. It terrible Mr Prime Minister, it tan bad.

  3. How can the government afford these high salaries?

    At the expense of not providing water to the people, housing, healthcare, and education????

  4. 2nd lowesr gdp after Haiti..thats sad..we just as bad as Haiti imagine and theae dunce politirctions getting raise..for what??? Mashing up Jamaica

  5. There is your answer PNP die-hearts. Translation, they will not reject their share of the stolen loot🔥

  6. Look the pensioners are treated they are at the very bottom,and are told increase would be $3000.00 a week,that is $12000 for the month how far can this money go in these rough times.Bills to pay,cost to eat food is horrible.Shouldn’t they get some better increase.Who really care about the seniors,they are disregarded.

    1. They can’t live off millions of dollars per month but the poor must be able to live off couple dollars. It’s such a shame and my heart bleeds.

  7. There are so much things that needs to be fixed in Jamaica such as roads, Hospitals, schools and the economy but the only thing that the politicians are fixing is their pockets. GOD help us.

  8. What are the KPI’s used to measure these politicians effect or justification ….simply what “popularity, loud mouth, arrogance, entitlement etc etc” ….becuade it simply doesnt add up

  9. Nobody wants to plant the corn but everybody wants to raid the barn!!! (Anthony B.) If they are unable to find money to pay teachers, police, etc. how are they going to find the money to pay themselves? This abuse of power is unbelievably unconscionable, ruthless and cruel.

    1. The money was there to pay the Teachers, Doctors, Security Forces but they elected not to do that. Instead they used the money to pay themselves.

  10. Second lowest gdp in the region with the highest salaries for Politicians, what a joke.

  11. I would like to visit hospitals in other islands to see if it’s as deplorable as ours.

  12. Jamaican will be in major financial difficulties going forward. After all these big wage increases for the Politicians, next will be the burdened of their Pension benefits. I see major tax increase ahead for Jamaicans just to maintain these criminals in their retirement years.

  13. The government can afford it for themselves BUT COULNT AFFORD IT FOR THE TEACHERS !!!!! My God unuh WICKED!!!😡

  14. The massive raise for these politicians is one thing…..they are also set to get a massive retroactive payment. Lord help this country

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