PSOJ calls for Accountability and Transparency in Light of Salary Increases | TVJ News

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  1. PSOJ need to move dem ra55 because Minimum Wage raised, Civil Servants raise but everyone else in the middle is still the same. So who was above minimum wage is now getting minimum wage. Where is the demonstration for that? Where is the scale for those in the middle

  2. These wealthy people don’t know the struggles of the ordinary man the working class..these guys out of touch.

    1. Sapa Seh.. 😐 Seem like it. But seriously this is unreal. Jamaican Politicians are being paid the same as an American Congressman. The Prime Minister salary is almost the same as the American President. Jamaica must be flush with money 💰💰

  3. What is this man saying is he trying to do the balancing act like he is against, but yet still for it tell him Fi make up his mind before him talk because him sound like a two sided CUTLASS ,and I hear the prime minister came out on public stations and telling people o f Jamaica that the reasoning for the salary increase is to influence the bright and the well educated ,but just stop right there isn’t these the same people that he claim to be influencing with your hard earn money the set a people who are there now and he the prime minister one of them and I say to the Jamaican people don’t let them get away with this, because if you let dog is not going to eat you supper, but also you breakfast, lunch and dinner

  4. What about the people who are at the bottom of the scale,below the teachers,police civil servants,they need to be considered for a decent monetary increase,nobody express genuine concern for them

  5. They raise there pay they need to implement terms limit and retirement age some of them old cant keep up and they will never quit

  6. That is the issue. Phase in the increase to lessen this dramatic impact and also have mechanisms in place where we can fire those who do not perform.

  7. This guy can put food an his table even if they 1000% increase so him talking madness pay increase need to roll back

  8. The level of increase propose is way too much our Caribbean counterpart is getting much less even has we are recovering from a Pandemic and when you are asking for the civil servants for restraint with salary increase we need demonstrations in our streets for this 😮😮😮

  9. Roll back these high level of increase ,😢
    Or the hearts of the people will never be at ease. 😢

  10. Rubbish Metry Seaga. You are making excuses for Andrew holiness. Jamaica is not in a position to pay this increase. Pay the public sector workers their money. They are doing the service to the people. Politicians are not doing nothing but TALK AND THEIF.

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