Ex-Trump confidante Hope Hicks testifying before Congress

Once the President's closest West Wing confidante — the recipient of his repeated phone calls, the witness to his angriest moments, and according to other campaign aides, the person who steamed wrinkles out of his pants — sources now say their relationship has changed. Instead of carrying out a near-constant conversation, they rarely speak.


  1. Hope moved as far West as she could to get away from Don the Con.
    Any further West and she would be in Russia, where she belongs.

    1. @Real American It’s a waste of time talking to ignorance. Keep chasing your tail, and have a nice day! 😘

    2. @Enki35Productions You got nothing I see! Funny how quickly you trumptards fold when shown facts! Tuck tail and hide because you would rather keep your head in the sand than admit you’re wrong! Your blind hatred is too much! Do you even know why you are so angry? Probably not…You are just told to hate Dem and they are evil and you go with it. Facts are facts. The Republicans are great at PR! They feed on the fear and ignorance of the uneducated and mentally inferior. You need a boogieman so they gave you one! Sorry to break your heart but the media is NOT the enemy of the people. (well maybe Fox) The Dems don’t want open borders. Dems don’t want to take your guns, religion or any of the crap…You poor brainwashed fool! They keep lying to you because they can!! Wake up!! Ever watch an election on TV? Ever wonder why, when talking about different districts, they always say…”This suburban district is where there is a lot of college educated people live…They always vote for Democrats.” 🤔…think about it.

    3. @Real American at no time did you show any facts. I just don’t have time for stupidity. Nice try tho. Lol…

    1. @Heidi Yodel , Jews are even more beautiful than Aryans. Look at Gal Gadot, Jennifer Connelly, Mila Kunis etc.

  2. Just in: Russian Military sailed into the Carribbean Sea via the Panama Canal while the White House Occupant distracted with his Rally yesterday.

    1. Panama Canal isn’t ours anymore to CONTROL. That DEMOCRAT named CARTER gave it away! Thanks for reminding us.

    2. Dave Schultz That was eventually going to happen with Republican or Democrats. You just don’t know because you are a turd

    3. @Dave Schultz Panama was​ relinquished to Panama because the treaty was up. Carter simply honored the treaty. The Panamanian govt offered to lease us the Canal Zone, but the US declined. I lived there 74-76 and loved it. So sorry the treaty finally ended.

    1. @JUST ME I sure did. You can lie to yourself. Which is a mental illness. You can’t lie to me.

    2. @JUST ME You seem (because text doesn’t make sound) like a basket case hell bent on flimsy propaganda.


      That is where I watched it I guess I got so excited after watching it I was call it the wrong thing. But I took it and I dropped it down into my phone, because this is something When hope gets on TV tomorrow if she does I’m looking pair of them very closely, because I could swear they are twins or something is screwy somewhere .Stormy Daniels got arrested in Ohio where I live at, because all charges were dropped it was a setup and she really didn’t do anything. probably some cop that like Trump and thought he was doing the public great service.

  3. That’s what I asked myself after the first year of trumps presidency; what happened to hope?

  4. All these attempts at blocking witnesses from testifying are obvious.
    Trump is trying to “cover up” what he did.

  5. “What happened to hope?” A question we have all been asking since he got elected. 🤣🤣😭😭😭

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