Ryan: Trump touting controversial drug made by his friends

Presidential candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) said it is reckless for President Donald Trump to tout a controversial new depression drug that works similarly to an opioid.


  1. Trump uses it daily and finds it very effective. No wonder he talks the way he talks. The drug does something to his brain.

    1. @Deplorable

       Old Glory called and it wants you deplorable’s to stop using it’s image for your stupid icon pics . It takes much more to be a patriot than slapping a flag , the founding fathers or a bald eagle on your stupid troll accts .

    2. @ThE DuCk Go easy on Deplorable, he’s a true nationalist patriot…he saved the only flag that trump hasn’t romanced humped and soiled.

  2. Friends of trump 🤔, I bet money…. trump is some how getting a kick back on this drug🔥. Red flag people!

  3. “Corner the market on it” and “give it to anyone who has a problem” are two very different statements.

    1. He’s running a commercial advertisement. What else? He’s a bad actor, however, every public statement, act, is acting, staged, fake.

  4. The Twittler should swallow the whole bottle & let us know how it goes…via Twitter of course! ✌☮

  5. The risk and side effects of these high powered synthetic Phycotropic drugs can be worse then the depression it’s self… We need to free Cannabis and Insurance companys pay for all natural treatments without using Americans as ginue piggy’s to all these killer big pharma drugs! Period

  6. One of the hallmarks of a democratic state is lack of centralized power. I know it may sound good to the politicly unintrested to get rid of “Red Tape” but that “Red Tape” is a safeguard against autocratic leaders.

  7. POTUS as drug pusher for his Maralago gang leaders targets our Vets. Next I suppose Betsy DeVille will be hawking this spray outside schools. Sick!

  8. In the Netherlands we do not have this kind of…. Presidents… Correction.. This lunatic.. Greetings from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Europe.

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