Florida Governor Bans Mask Mandates At Schools

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is pushing back against mask mandates for students as the state gets hit hard by a new coronavirus surge. Dr. Bernard Ashby, former Rep. Debbie Mucarsel Powell and former Rep. David Jolly joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss the Governor’s response to the pandemic. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Florida Governor Bans Mask Mandates At Schools


  1. DeSantis is digging his own grave as well as his constituents. Shameless criminal behavior. Americans need to be much more informed and cautious about who the vote into office.

    1. @Angel sad just sad. Let me guess. Your one of those driver’s who won’t put on a seatbelt but drives like a maniac. Don’t care about other people only yourself.

    2. @Angel You don’t believe that Angel. You are just saying crap like that to get a rise…I don’t know. Trump has proved himself to be a racist.

    1. In all seriousness, they are our least educated demographic.

      I remember a saying from the 1970’s that’s remained valid over the decades. “An educated Republican is a Democrat”.

  2. “I’d rather put everyone’s health and safety at risk than have trump say mean things about me”

    1. @doggo Bork-Bork What else can u do when Kammellleeaaa the border zar does not provide any data which is fine I would not believe it anyway.

    2. @Zennbubba No actually it’s not ok for you to guess… When the intelligence agencies report on it you can use that to make your little points, until then, stop spreading your “guess” around please, it doesn’t help anything or anyone….

    3. @Enrico Pallazzo Why? They don’t believe you’re child deserves healthcare or welfare if born into a poor family.

  3. Florida needs to file a class action suit against DeSantis for failure to protect state residents and visitors along with failure to carry out the duties of his office.

    1. @J lock When I got my vaccines, I was given a receipt, both paper and PDF. I copied the PDF to my phone, so I always have it handy if needed.

    2. @Buckler What a lot of people seem to forget is this virus is contagious, especially the delta variant. This means you can spread it to others, even if you don’t have symptoms. A mask can greatly reduce that spread. Your choice to not wear a mask could mean denying someone else the choice to live.

    3. @James Knott the problem lies in your definition of significant. In my opinion considering a lot of different things, the current death rate is insignificant. Oh my gawd how could I think that? Last census they counted 347 million people here in America. You know they didn’t count them all, and they are coming in by the hundreds every day.
      Last I checked we had 239 deaths average per week, and the week before last week was in the 300’s.
      Insignificant, 239 vs 347,000,000
      So 250 die every day. There are approximately 10,000 births every day to replace them. The 250 were culled by nature. Or by the creation of a super virus through gain of function research by your own government via their partners in China. Fauci and Obama funded the research and should be tried for crimes against humanity. Or it came from bat’s in the wild.

    1. I guess some people would rather focus on things with more of an impact on their future than a flu virus with a 99.5% survival rate?

      If you’re 19 and you don’t have a job or a place to live because the government keeps illegally locking down the population like prison inmates to “protect” them from covid, it may sound bad, but you probably have other worries than the health of obese 75 year olds with diabetes and hypertension who haven’t take care of themselves.

    2. @Kuchi Kopi As opposed to people who think “caring” means that we should respond to a virus with a 99.5% survival rate by locking down the entire population like prison inmates, destroying hundreds of thousands of small businesses by government fiat, ruining millions of lives, driving up crime, suicide, and divorce rates, and wiping out entire sectors of the economy while fantastically enriching the top 0.1%?

    3. @Sonsarae ronnow hello. I am not a bot. Just a rational European wondering how you have crazy people killing their own electorate. Science must make you very uncomfortable.

  4. Imagine that we have a wacko politician telling the state they can’t make public health safety rules. Florida, where the gators are smarter than the people, and better looking too.

    1. @Angel
      Because kids have to interact, anti-mask parents are actually making health decisions for for other people’s kids.

    2. @Angel And if we could segregate the children of the moronic who choose to not vaccinate then it wouldn’t be as big of a problem. But, at this point no child under 12 can get vaccinated.This new variant is as contagious as Chicken Pox. A normally non-fatal virus that you Must be vaccinated for or you can’t go to public school. This is not new. Just like we have freedom of speech, but you can’t go into a packed theatre and yell 🔥 just because you feel like you should be able to exercise your freedom of speech. Doing that is a criminal offense. Just as needlessly spreading a virus should be when there are scientifically proven measures to prevent it.

    3. This is bad as DeSantis saying “There will be no seatbelt mandates! Seatbelts are optional!” Putting peoples lives in danger out of spite, over a power struggle or over irrational fears is criminal.

    1. It cost The Hitman re-election; so, I’m not seeing the long term benefits of encouraging people to intentionally expose themselves to a deadly contagion.

    2. True, if they even rely on votes anymore. They seem to rely on tricks. Think about it; all they do anymore is ask “How many votes can we legally throw away to win an election? How many ballots can we find that used the wrong color of pen?”.

  5. It’s only a matter of time before this guy gets his due. He’s a criminal, they just haven’t caught him yet.

    1. @Clancy Greenwood Anyone with your name should not be commenting on here. You should also not be allowed to procreate.

  6. I think when you are a leader and have the responsibility for so many people is very irresponsible
    act with no sense . It’s about the safety of all children.

    1. Children mainly have mild to 0 symptoms from covid. If a parent wants their kid to wear a mask, they can.

  7. He is competing with Trump in how many Americans get sick of Covid19 and died under his watch. Floridians need to vote him out together with all the other Republican politicians that keep pushing for Americans to get sick of Covid.

    1. Who cares about Florida Cubans are the ones who vote Republican all the time.
      This is what you get

    2. *DEATHS per 1m population*
      *1. New Jersey*
      *2. New York*
      *3. Massachusetts*
      *4. Rhode Island*
      *25. Texas*
      *26. Florida*

  8. Trump began the anti-mask political. That transferred to anti-vaccine. Now De Santis has proven he is pro democracy death except for the pre born.

    1. @sam ridges Are you dense? I answered the question, you muppet. You just don’t like the answer.

    2. False! Science leads to anti mask… That transferred to anti vaccine….
      Tell is what pro democracy death except for the unborn means…..

    3. @Elaine Walls if it weren’t for operation warp speed, scientists around the world wouldn’t have had funding to produce such vaccines…..
      The number 500,000 that you gave is an inflated number….. Stop regurgitating the media’s lies…..
      Masks do not prevent the spread of viral diseases…..

  9. Just like Rome America’s burning
    China is just sitting back waiting for us to destroy ourselves along with Russia so they can just take over everything

    1. China and Russia are laughing. China is already way past us, in almost every area. All we have left is hillbillies and guns. This country will never be the same. No one loves America throughout the world now. Probably, one of the most hated countries, tbh. Were screwed.

    1. @thegags – what did I say that had anything to do with hated?
      Answer my question. 😆🤣😂 Just be honest and answer it

    2. @thegags – funny part of your post, your reaction is that you accused me of doing exactly what your post said!!! Read it again and try not to be embarrassed of you own stooooopidity

  10. This is seriously dangerous. It has come to the point where criminal charges need to be considered for state governors who are responsible for the deaths of their constituents. This is bad.

    1. I guess the elected officials who sent SWAT teams to close down churches but allowed businesses to be looted and people to be murdered should be charged with crimes…..

  11. Desantis has repeatedly put his political ambition ahead of his civic duty. Past time for a recall.

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