Will House Progressives Support The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill?

The Senate is working overtime to finalize a bipartisan infrastructure bill that could define President Biden’s legacy. But House progressives say unless it’s paired with the multi-trillion-dollar reconciliation bill Biden hopes to pass in tandem, it could be dead in the water. Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington, Chair of the House Progressive Caucus, tells Alicia Menendez what needs to happen in the days and weeks to come in order for the bill to gain the support of her and her colleagues. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Will House Progressives Support The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill?


  1. It took a while for the continental drift to create continents. Progressives will eventually get there.

  2. The infrastructure package needs to include High-Speed rail to connect to all regions ~~ clean energy. The
    🇺🇸 USA is the only major industrialized “Nation” that doesn’t have High-Speed rail. The technology has been there for a long time to do this. Voting reforms are needed as well. Passing both infrastructure and voting reforms bills simultaneously and they should not be prioritized, both are critical elements.

    1. We can’t throw the gain’s we’ve made away because we don’t get everything we want exactly when we want it. This is very important to the country and we’re the only adults at the table.lets get everything we can now , we need to win in 2022 and come back for everything else we need.

    2. @Chad Simmons the Democrats aren’t detaining migrants in those facilities. They have the migrants installing community showers and industrial size crematory furnaces. Its the rise of the Fourth Reich!

    3. @Dixie Normous where is your proof of that, god you people are ridiculous spouting lies all the time.

  3. See look at THAT, the video title of this VIDEO looks more LEGIT than what the foxpigs are CALLING literal may day about. SPEAK.

    P.S. I side much more with the progressive Democrats.

  4. these priorities are music to the ears. since they’re not only 21st century priorities. but are actually what americans keep telling dc they need, thanks!!

  5. Mitch just wants to slow things down so in 2022 he can say “do nothing Democrats”. NO WAY is the bipartisan bill going to pass.

    1. You have been brainwashed by political games. It’s odd.

  6. Jayapal should be prepared to not vote for the “bipartisan” bill if they don’t sent the reconciliation package with it.

    I just received a bid for one of my oil paintings… Way more than I expected. Thank you for impersonating me. This is so much better than paying for promotions myself. 🤣💄

  8. If progressives push to hard for A THIER priority’s they just might push themselves off the game board !

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