Texas Lawmakers Push Congress To Pass Sweeping Voting Rights Protections

Three Texas Democrats testified before Congress this week in their push to stop a restrictive voting bill from Texas Republicans. State Rep. Nicole Collier joined American Voices with Alicia Menendez to discuss her time in Washington as Senate Democrats consider a slimmed down version of voting rights legislation. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Texas Lawmakers Push Congress To Pass Sweeping Voting Rights Protections


  1. Maybe, just maybe, a country that has failed for well over 200 years to adopt a constitution guaranteeing the right to vote might do a bit of self-reflection.

    1. @micko11154 Have a grown adult and go over the UN website with you and see what they say about America.. I can’t help it if you don’t take the time to read anything.

    2. @Alli P You could just do an Internet search and read up about the (world court) The same amount of time that you took terrible ridicule me.

    3. @RS64 This is true if voting is a problem just extend the DMV hours of operation, So everybody can get their IDs.

  2. To trip the competitor in a race and then run across the finish line to proclaim victory is the entire right wing in a nutshell on every topic.

    1. That was how the Clump took credit for the Obama/Biden economy. His was in Recession in February of 2019 before he announced Covid was sweeping the nation.

    2. That description kind of conflicts with the treasonous, wholesale theft of elections that Democrats have been notorious for for generations, but whatever.

    3. Obama drove the economy right into the toilet. Trump gave us the best economy we ever had. The idea that the outdated 60s ideas of a lunatic and economic illiterate like old Bathhouse Barry could produce anything except total economic disaster is one of the biggest collective lies the Left ever dredged up out of the dregs of their bongs and shroom stashes. 😂

    4. @RuRdy2RK
      Sounds like you’re getting a bit too much propaganda there. Also, that’s a very far leep you made there with your comment. If it wasn’t so dumb I would have congratulated you.

  3. God bless these courageous people. Perseverance always brings success! The right to vote for everyone is sacred! God speed from Ireland!

    1. Regis person? She ran away, she booger it out and she left her constituents to the hands of the Republicans? Then the bunch she was traveling with violated CDC guidelines, they went to DC and inflicted top Democrats and their age with COVID-19. He and the others are not courageous they are despicable runaways. They should not even be called Democrats because the Democrats do not run from a fight. They should all resign in disgrace. They are badly hurt our party in Texas.

    1. The unintended consequences are that these politicians ran away from their Democrat constituents and left them in the hands of the Republicans. All of these absconders are an embarrassment to our party and they should resign immediately. They ran away, they buggered out and they violated CDC guidelines.

    2. @T. R. Campbell they are NOT an embarrassment they are heroes for stopping that bill from going through. They didn’t violate CDC guidelines either

    1. @sam-online oh yeah they had the balls enough to drag covid across the country to DC with them real heroes

    2. @Angel and yet they are NOT hospitalized and on a ventilator like the idiots who refuse to get a vaccine.

    3. *seditious Texas cowards and traitors, who will be arrested immediately upon returning to Texas. FIFY

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis Because every single person in the world who didn’t get the vaxx is now on a ventilator. Hyperbole, thy name is Liberal 😂

  4. Putin’$$$$ biggie mistake underestimating his enemy ; True American’s.

    Putin’$ boy’s ” bot’s ” are back.

  5. The infrastructure package needs to include High-Speed rail to connect to all regions ~~ clean energy. The 🇺🇸 USA is the only major industrialized “Nation” that doesn’t have High-Speed rail. The technology has been there for a long time to do this. Voting reforms are needed as well. Passing both infrastructure and voting reforms bills simultaneously and they should not be prioritized, both are critical elements.

  6. Conservative SCOTUS overturned voting rights and allowed corporate money donations! Biden needs to add 4 more members to the court!

    1. Yes! Trump added THREE Supreme Court justices – that’s one third of the court. Time to expand the court and correct the balance so that it reflects the US as a whole, not just a minority of far right extremists!

    2. @Wilfried Hölscher Yes, impeachment of the wrongly placed “justices” would do the job.

    3. Biden can’t even add two more safety pins to his bulging diapers.

      Sorry, ladies. By the time this gridlocked congress ever gets around to trying to pack the court, it’ll be 2022 and half the Democrat creeps in Washington will be shipped back to the holes they crawled out of.

  7. Vote by lottery. The chances of getting someone decent in office are better than leaving it to our current system of democracy. Electoral college? If it worked, it’d be great, but it doesn’t. As it is our votes don’t count. If they did Gore would’ve been president, so would Hillary.

  8. Texas is HORRIFYING..
    How DARE they keep CITIZENS from their natural RIGHTS…..theyre sooo terrified they cant win UNLESS they keep people from voting…..THEYRE DESPERATE!!!!

  9. The party most concerned with voter fraud claiming the last election was stolen is doing everything they can to defraud the people in thr next election.

    1. Um, hello, election integrity is kind of the opposite of defrauding people? I’m you can understand the idea, if you think really hard about it.

  10. the GOP must have never heard, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”. It’s not broken, no evidence of wide spread fraud. They’re simply trying to rig the game in their favor.

    1. The reams of indisputable evidence by now of massive, systemic voter fraud in the 2020 election would tend to contradict your claim.

    2. You’re trying to rig the game and “fortify” yourselves into the permanent one-party Democrat dictatorship you’ve always wanted, where no one has any rights save those who agree with you and do what you say.

      It isn’t going to happen. You’ll never, ever get it. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. 🙂

    3. I don’t know what your source is but 60+ lost court cases and reaudits proves otherwise, and nothing coming out of Arizona or any other audit refutes that. You can believe in Santa; the Easter Bunny and the Krakken, but it doesn’t make them real. The GOP might actually win some elections if they cut ties with your delusional, seditious Fuhrer.

  11. Anyone over the legal age should be automatically registered to vote. Like in my home country in Europe.

    1. You should keep your opinions to yourself and take your butt back to your home country, most Americans here don’t even know why you should vote , if you can’t buy alcohol or tobacco products until 21 then you sure as should not be able to choose who runs the country or local government until you’re 21

  12. Everyone knows it’s Republicans that steal elections. Look at 2000. You’d never find a Democrat who’d get his brother, the governor of a state, to throw it to him like that. That was obscene. And then his slogan in 2016 was “Jeb can fix it.” These people have no shame.

    1. Especially ILLEGAL, FRAUDULENT voting to create a permanent one-party Democrat dictatorship, where no one has any rights except liberals. Yay!! That’s real democracy ‘n freedom and America ‘n stuff!!

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