Ford government releases latest plan to stabilize health-care system amid crisis | FULL ANNOUNCEMENT

Full announcement: Ont. Health Minister Sylvia Jones and Ont. Minister of Long-Term Care Paul Calandra on hospital crisis.

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  1. How about rehiring the government fired health care worker who are out of work!

    Isn’t the CDC now insisting they handed the pandemic all wrong and over reacted so hire them all back.

  2. “They can continue to have access to the care they need, when they need it” Not convinced, winter is coming.

  3. Ok. So how. How are we achieving your five prong approach? How are we reducing surgery wait? How are we getting more Health care workers?

    1. Exactly. Are health care workers going to appear out of thin air? Ontario has the lowest ratio of RN/capita of all the provinces for many years, yet one of the richest provinces.

  4. Why don’t we set a date 6 months out in the late spring to organize a mass protest against privatizing healthcare, and restoring the public services woefully inadequate budget

  5. Put someone in charge that has experience and that knows the health care system in hospitals and nursing homes. After the way the pandemic was handled they have shown no credentials to handle anything.

  6. Of course they are amazing but sad there was a shortage way before pandemic. Sad Ontario isn’t saying the full truth

  7. They praise doctors and nurses but why do they not pay them well!!

    “Ontario has fared better”

    Translated: were not as bad as the other guys!

  8. I’m feeling sick!! I don’t trust them, believe them at all. Moving long term care patients anywhere in the province is cruel!! She sounds sweet but the under tones are other wise. Blah! Blah! Blah! Where is the work force?? They are running away from this government!

  9. So grateful we fired 20% of the heros that worked endangering their lived during the pandemic. So grateful we are closing ers regularly because we insulted our doctors and nurses so much with Canada’s science

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