Gang Violence Impeding Vaccinations? | Vax Tour Disguised as Political Tour? – Sept 3 2021

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    1. Even when all the children get jabed up there will still be no normality, because the true scientists, researching this not telling no lies there is no normal as usual ,,distractions ,schools will never be schools again,,,,

    1. Covid naah kill nuh gunman’ wey a kill…. on a terrorize Jamaicans fi years but NOSE GOD a put out every effort fi FORCE Jamaicans fi tek this POISON ☠☠ Marcus Garvey done did predict say a leader head ago roll down kings street…we don’t know a who…but it ago happen…

    2. @nikola I think the person is referring to the PM calling ppl who got vaxed heros. Then the fact that to be declared a hero in Jamaica (as seen with national hero’s) one has to be dead first.

  1. Just wondering if the pm knows how many people are hungry. He was touring St Thomas did not leave any for the poor. Maybe to have a look at the land that Charles Thief

  2. Just as how you have polling station all over the island in every nook and cranny, it is the same thing you are to do for the vaccination sites. People who are interested in being vaccinated have to travel too far and are exposed due to the crowd.

  3. Now you have the finding moving forward launch the education campaign starting next week sometime we talk too much on no fruits

  4. This does not come as a surprise! Our leaders are not serious about education. What are the plans for upcoming academic year? Are the teachers equipped with necessary technological devices to carry out the appropriate instructions? Are our students equipped with necessary devices to access the online platforms.

  5. With covid-19 and crime and joblessness and government corruption and the problems within the educational system, Jamaica is on the road to economic collapses. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 prayers Needed hourly and daily.

  6. So instead of the tours that more looking like political campaign why not used the media?

  7. The words of the Lord says people perish because of lack of knowledge ,He also says the people are stiff necked people Exodus32 we need to seek the face of God for the nation mostly for the children who are been force to take vaccine ,seek God and get answer

  8. Andrew fire 🔥 your advices,listen to mas Tom,do the right thing,tuftan is in the Rong department, doctors Chang is the man, reshuffle the cabinet, west Kingston speak,or else, more fire blood and fire 🔥 tabernac

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